LETTER: Martin Culbert is running for Burien City Council, Position #7

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The B-Town Blog nor its staff. During this election year, we are allowing each local candidate to introduce themselves in this manner as a public service at no charge:]

Hello fellow Burien residents,

The current Burien City Council, and indeed, much of the political climate everywhere, has become divisive and non-collaborative. Consider this metaphor: if the city council were the Mariners, we currently have the infield playing against the outfield. The city cannot win this way. I am a voice for inclusion and collaboration.

I am Martin Culbert, and I am running for Burien City Council Position 7. Please allow me to introduce myself. My life’s guiding principle is servant leadership. Given that my family has benefitted from the many positive aspects of the Burien community over the years, it is now time for me to give back. As a small business owner and an empty nester, I have the time to devote to being a council member.

Burien has been our home for 27 wonderful years. Our daughters, ages 21 and 28, graduated from Highline District schools. My wife teaches in Highline Schools, and has done so for 20 years. I taught at the Puget Sound Skills Center, built music programs at a number of churches in the Highline area, and currently own a small business helping local companies and individuals compete in today’s challenging markets.

What keeps me in Burien is what drew me here: high quality schools, affordable housing, and low crime rates. However, because of growth pressures in the neighboring areas, Burien must be ready to partner with King County and surrounding cities to efficiently handle social, economic and regional transportation issues. My efforts will be towards growing businesses by keeping tax rates low and fair. I am committed to supporting our police efforts to further decrease illegal activities within Burien.

My goals for Burien include:

  • Community safety and law enforcement
  • Peace and quiet in Burien skies
  • Strong small businesses
  • More jobs for our citizens
  • Successful schools

– Martin Culbert

[email protected]

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3 Responses to “LETTER: Martin Culbert is running for Burien City Council, Position #7”
  1. Captain obvious says:

    Well I have a couple of questions one why does your business CULBERT CONSULTING, LLC has a contact number with a area code from Atalanta Georgia and looking at your company I am wondering how long has your company you been in burien,wa. Why is there not a 206 area code number to contact your business.

    I also see a lot of donations on your c3 and c4 forms from outside of Washington and outside of burien. Out of the 15 donations you have received.

    Looking at your LinkedIn page you seems to have jump around in your career path. On your website for CULBERT CONSULTING, LLC you state you have 30+ years of management and hiring experience. But on your LinkedIn page I only see two mangers jobs listed on your experience . One lasting for 4 years and the other for 1 year.


    • Martin C says:

      Hello Captain,

      Thanks for asking. I used the 470 prefix so I could spell out CUL-BERT with the rest of the numbers. I have visited Atlanta all of once on a business trip. I will be including my 206 cell number on the website and business cards in the next iteration.

      The largest part of my support has come from family, friends, and loved ones around the country. The fact that I maintain strong enough contacts after 27 years of living full time in Burien should show the quality of my friendships and connections.

      Linked In is very similar to my generic Resume. It is unwise to provide potential employers with too much information. The management work in the horticulture field (1980-1986) is not of interest to anybody but me. Although my job titles from 2002-2014 did not include the work manager, I managed teams of 4 – 25 individuals.

      I hope that helps you get a clearer picture of my history.

      • Captain obvious says:

        Thanks for the quick response but I have a question if your using that to spell out CUL-BERT your business name that is only 7 digits not nine why not use the regular 7 digits instead of including the area code that might make some people being unable to call you. Even though most of us have long distance on are cell phones and such some might not. This might make a bottle neck in your business overall performance. Also might make some wonder if your a local business or not.

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