19-year old woman beaten, raped at Burien apartment complex last month

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The Seattle P-I is reporting that a 19-year-old woman was beaten and sexually assaulted in the gym of her Burien apartment complex last month, causing serious injuries to her face and head.

A 23-year-old man has been charged with her assault.

The P-I reports that the suspect is also said to have grabbed a teenage girl’s buttocks and stared at girls at the pool shortly before the attack.

Salvador Diaz-Garcia is charged with second-degree assault, second-degree rape and third-degree child molestation for the acts that occurred June 25.

The assaults happened at two neighboring apartment complexes: The Maple Pointe apartments, where Diaz-Garcia lived, and the adjacent Discovery Landing apartments, where the 19-year-old woman lived. Both are located in the 15400 block of Des Moines Memorial Drive.

Read the full story here.

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19 Responses to “19-year old woman beaten, raped at Burien apartment complex last month”
  1. Question Authority says:

    Let me get this straight, first you commit a crime, then get arrested, and if there are questions about your citizenship INS gets notified, then charged, then you plead, then a trial if required, then sentencing and incarceration, and then deportation if called for. All of it would not have happened if in fact he didn’t sneak into this country, right? Purely hypothetically possible and we will know soon enough his status.

    • Authority says:

      What are you even talking about?

      • Question Authority says:

        If in fact he turns out illegal there is the unfortunate crime, let alone the cost to society and the taxpayers.

        • Authority says:

          Dang, if he hadn’t snuck into the country, that girl would not have been raped and we wouldn’t have to debate immigration on the B-town blog, and I wouldn’t have to feel uneasy around people of color, and I wouldn’t have food to eat or anyone to cook it for me, and I wouldn’t have to try to understand someone who doesn’t speak english. There would probably be less car accidents and less crime all around because people with english names are good people who sometimes need better guidance, not criminals. I get it now! I wish none of them had snuck in! Think of how much we could have saved in taxes!

    • Captain obvious says:

      Well maybe if some people in glass houses would be more willing to look at city council candidates that are back by unions supporting law enforcement. We would have less of these issue’s in burien.

  2. This is terrible. Plenty of white US citizens that rape and kill women. Remember Ted Bundy? How about the Green River Killer? How do you know the guy snuck into the country?

    How do you know this guy isn’t a legal citizen? Because he is Mexican? I just named some real nightmarish men that are or were white.

  3. Clean it up! says:

    Sending prayers for strength and full recovery to this young woman. I also send prayers that you will not be too financially burdened by medical bills and loss of work. May there be better days for you soon.

    • Martin C says:

      Clean It,

      Thank you for remembering the true victim in this crime. I will join you in praying for her full recovery and healing.

  4. Seahurst resident says:

    Yes, plenty of legal citizens regardless of colors commit crimes. However, a standing practice and conventional wisdom was to keep or kick out criminals from other countries.

    People have successfully argued that immigrants that come here illegally are the best and the brightest and will make our country better, so we got a sanctuary city as a result and previously held immigration practices that worked very well have been thrown out of the window.

    So, never judge defendants by their name… You won’t know more, because what you have been told to believe cannot be disturbed with facts.

    • Boo says:

      Obviously you don’t understand what a sanctuary city is. For one, it allowed the young woman to report the crime committed against her without fearing deportation if she was not here legally. What do you think would happen to our crime rate if victims were too frightened to report them? Take as long as you need.
      The ability to call for emergency services is something we take for granted. Being a sanctuary city allows all residents of Burien to access police, Fire & aid without fear of repercussions.
      If your neighbors house was on fire wouldn’t you want them to call 911 instantly and not stop to think about it for a while first?
      Once a person enters the justice system our federal laws take effect regardless of whether or not they live in a sanctuary city.
      And FYI, being here “illegally” is a civil offense not a criminal one so why should our police force have to deal will it?

  5. No. Just No. says:

    First off, automatically assuming the rapist is an illegal immigrant because he has a hispanic name shows exactly what kind of mind-set you have, and frankly it is disgusting. We have hispanic friends and neighbors – do you just assume every single hispanic person here is an illegal immigrant? Or is it just any hispanic person with a criminal record? Are you that ignorant and racist?

    Second, destroying the relationship between local law enforcement and the hispanic community doesnt help anyone – but it does significantly harm those communities. For example, crime reporting drops, including reports of sexual assaults and rape. That means rapists are being allowed to walk free because people are too afraid of the police to report them – and rapists are statistically likely to have multiple victims in their lifetime. So what is more important to you – ripping families apart and deport tax paying, hard working people, or getting rapists off the street and locked away so instances like this can be avoided?

    Your choice. I know where my priorities lie. And fyi, just to really drive home the point here – immigrants commit crime less than citizens, so if we are going by the numbers, an illegal immigrant is less likely to be a rapist than a citizen. Stop harassing immugrants and focus on getting rapists off the street.

  6. Lee Moyer says:

    Boo and No Just No,
    Look at all the thumbs down you got. It is sad how many Burienites (presumably) are so ignorant and afraid of the truth.

    • Captain obvious says:

      Ahh people using hacks to make more thumbs down seems like political times in burien. Dirty little tricks some use.

      This tends to happen around this time of year

      Or the emails and social media posts asking to vote down posts on blogs.

    • Clean it up! says:

      Lee M., and All, I tend to ignore the thumb ups or downs since knowing how easy it is for a determined person to ‘vote’ multiple times. They just need to have access to multiple devices in their home or at a library or business, or know how to clear the history of their pc. I encourage everyone to ignore the thumbs when you see what seems to be too quick a response. Some posters, myself included, get rapid thumbs down on most any post. Life goes on in spite of these people who never add to the conversation but need desperately to manipulate. Ignore them. They are of little consequence.

  7. Sam Davis says:

    This savage animal should be tried and executed as an example to other illegals. The invasion of millions of illegals is a cancer upon the US, and a way must be found to remove them all from this nation. While rounding up and deporting these millions is probably impractical and too expensive, their lives can be made so miserable (by denying work, shelter and all other basic necessities of life) that they will be forced to self deport. If these parasites are not removed or forced to flee they will only grow in numbers until they outnumber legal citizens. Build the wall, deport them all!

  8. Wake UP says:

    It has been proven that this animal is another so-called “dreamer” being protected by ignorant liberals, sanctuary cities and a media that hides the truth from the citizens. You people in Washington are being lied to in order to protect criminals at the expense of the law abiding citizens.

    Instead of defending him by saying “We can’t jump to conclusions” just because he has a Hispanic name, you should be asking WHY the media is hiding this fact from you and how many OTHER crimes by illegals are hidden from you,

    You should be DEMANDING answers from your government and media – NOT accusing others of racism and ignorance for speaking the truth (which is available on a quick internet search and news published OUTSIDE of the state of Washington). Go to any county site and check court records and jail rosters in WA. You will be enlightened on the amount of crimes illegals are committing in your state.

    I have many friends in WA who have NO idea of what is going on. Wake UP and DEMAND the truth!

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