UPDATE: ‘Lucio’ the Tortoise has been FOUND!

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UPDATE 7/30/17 9:45 p.m.: ‘Lucio’ the missing Tortoise, has been FOUND!

“He was found a few blocks away by a woman name Syd,” owner Lauren told The B-Town Blog Sunday night. “I later found a box with some of his poop in it near where she found him, so it is unclear if he was ditched or escaped. Syd was super sweet and refused the reward. But instead I will be doing some grooming for her at The Painted Pooch. She told me she was touched by your blog and went for a bike ride to find him. She fell from her bike and low and behold there was Lucio! I am so happy thanks so much for helping me get my baby home! This is me and Syd sharing some tears…”


MISSING: Have you seen ‘Lucio’? He’s an 11-year old leopard Tortoise that’s been missing (or was stolen) from a home in the 14400 block of 12th Ave SW in Burien (map below) on July 26:

Here’s video of ‘Lucio’ in action:

His owner Lauren fears that her beloved pet was stolen from her porch.

“Lucio is in dire need of his meds,” Lauren said. “Sighting on 14th Ave SW person carrying tortoise in laundry basket. He needs his meds soon or I fear the worst!”

There is a $300 reward.

Please call (310) 903-7202 or email [email protected].

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15 Responses to “UPDATE: ‘Lucio’ the Tortoise has been FOUND!”
  1. Captain obvious says:

    I have to ask if this pet was like a child to you why did you leave it on porch. Instead of inside in a tank locked in your home away from possible crime. Also have you checked with cares see if they might have it. Or the local pets stores see if someone try to sale it. Check Craigslist and other sites to see if someone is trying to get rid of it for quick cash.

    • Lauren says:

      Excuse me but do you know much about tortoises? He has an enclosure on my porch where he can bask in the sun and be a reptile . He is rather big so leaving him in a tank would be cruel . So yes I do treat him like
      My child . Honestly never thought someone would come up a large hill into my yard . To the second response that kind of humor is just uncalled
      For . I hope you never have to go through the heartache and worry of losing an animal you love like this . B town blog thank you for helping us and also Burien for your concern and love . So happy he is home !

      • Captain obvious says:

        Actually I do know a little about turtles. We have one are own and he is a large one but we have a large tank with water filled to right hight and walk up ledges for him to sit on also a heat lamp,water filter. We thought about building a outside area for are turtle but unfortunately there’s to many risks to keep him safe. As you have just witnessed one the worse but luckily it had a good outcome.

        I suggest for your closure you buy a lock and latch to keep your little guy safe. Keeping your pet outside you have think of all the risk. There is theft there wild animals like possums raccoons even some cougars ,foxes,Hawks, eagles. Take the right steps to stop them. Also you are going keep your pet on your porch you might want a get security camera.

        • Susan says:

          Lauren, I’m SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! We have a tortoise also, a Russian named Phoebe, and we would be devastated if we lost her somehow. We let her roam the yard sometimes for exercise and sunshine and keep a close eye on her, but I swear … you turn your back for five seconds and she’s digging to China. My partner and I were very concerned for Lucio and you and are both so relieved that you have him home safe. Cheers!

          • Captain obvious says:

            You do realize there is no ware in America were you could dig to china. I know you meant it as just a saying but it ones those sayings that makes no sense if you think about it.

  2. Spotted says:

    Moving at a high rate of speed southbound towards Lake Burien. Unable to keep up.

  3. Christa Lee-Allender says:

    This is great news! When my family saw your posters about missing Lucio we too scouted around the ditches in the neighborhood. I think everyone in Burien had an eye out! We know Syd and The Painted Pooch and she is fantastic. So happy this story had a good ending!

  4. Captain obvious says:

    Glad it’s been found. Odd story on how it was found but owell.

  5. Lauren says:

    I really appreciate everyone helping . My baby boy is stoked to be home and so is his mama

  6. Spotted says:

    Sorry Lauren. Just a picture that popped in my head. But, I have lost a few pets and a daughter and humor often helps. 🙂

  7. Greg says:

    Please take your signs down.

    • Marianne says:

      Maybe the owners of Riley and the chihuahua can help her take down signs for all three once missing, now found pets. Glad they are all home.

  8. Kate B says:

    Lauren: SO LOVE a Happy Ending!

    Scott: Thanks to you and the Blog for helping get the story out.

    Greg: If you see posters, feel free to assist Lauren in taking them down. She’s gotten 200 of the 600 she put up. Be a good neighbor and pitch in to help!

    • Lauren says:

      Thank you Kate we have tried to get all the signs down a lot of people printed their own to assist . I have taken down most . But yes if you see one please help by grabbing it . But I have had calls and helped three other turtles and tortoise find safety. Which warms my heart . I am happy I could help out someone else’s pet find their home . Thanks everyone he is a little sick but we are working to fix it . Des Moines vet is helping get him better

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