MISSING DOG: Have you seen ‘Mister’? He’s been missing since March

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Have you seen ‘Mister’? He’s been missing since March this year, and was last seen near 106th and Myers Way S. in the Top Hat/Boulevard Park area:

“It is truly heartbreaking for my children and I,” Mona Moreno said. “My dog accidentally got out the night of March 4th. It may have been 30-40 minutes before I realized he was not in the house and immediately went looking for him. It was already dark out and close to midnight. There was no sign of him. I feel he was picked up by someone and they are keeping him as he is micro chipped, registered to me and reported lost. If anyone had him scanned they would have contacted me. I check with the shelters, craigslist and any Facebook site I can find for lost pets daily.

“He is super friendly, extremely smart ad the cutest little guy ever. I am hoping someone honest would come forward and return him to us. We have had him since he was 2 months old.”

Here are some other pics:

If you’ve seen him, please contact Mona at [email protected], or call (206) 250-5539.

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6 Responses to “MISSING DOG: Have you seen ‘Mister’? He’s been missing since March”
  1. Captain obvious says:

    Have you checked around arbor lake and the roads leading up the dead end streets. I seen a dog looked similar running around that area awhile back.

    Last I seen it seem to be in good health I hope you find your dog good luck to you.

  2. Scott says:

    Why would you give a thumbs down to someone that is trying to help find a lost dog? I’m sure that co would help you find a lost animal.

    • Captain obvious says:

      I figured most of the thumbs down on a comment like that. Are from people that dislike the fact. That I use common sense and the truth in my posts they feel there is no need for that on the internet. We should all over dramatize things for are own laughter or kicks.

      So when they see a post by me they take the time to thumbs down it no matter of the content. This also why I stop posting thank you comments for the most part. People thumb down them to.

  3. 61yrsinBurien says:

    I’m so sorry your pup is still missing, I know I’d be devastated if my 2 kitties came up missing!

    I was thinking though…you live near to the homeless camp in the woods off of 509??? maybe someone there took your dog??? just a thought and I hope not.

  4. Captain obvious says:

    I would also say check with the different Animal Control services f you haven’t yet. Burien’s cares and king county since your right around the border of white center and burien. It could be at either.

    Also check local veterinary clinics most have pics of lost or found pets.

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