Got a question for our Candidate Forums? Here’s how to submit it

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The B-Town Blog will be holding two Candidate Forums for the 2017 City Council race (dates/locations to be announced soon), and we’re seeking questions from our Readers.

These questions will be reviewed by us for consideration of querying the eight candidates, and should follow these simple rules:

  1. Be civil and courteous.
  2. Be relevant. Ask about an issue that either affects Burien, or is likely to soon.
  3. Be concise. Get to the question quickly, and please try not to ramble or lecture.

If you have a question(s) you’d like us to consider, please email us at:

[email protected]

As we get closer to finalizing our forums, we’ll announce details soon, so please check back often…

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7 Responses to “Got a question for our Candidate Forums? Here’s how to submit it”
  1. David Silver says:

    Ask Nancy Tosta & Krystal Marx to condemn putting heroin injection sites in Burien.

    • MichaelJ says:

      Ask the candidates to ignore any demands whether or not in the form of a question….

    • Captain obvious says:

      So David silver you want the heroin dealers to keep making more money in burien. Getting more people addicted. Inviting more homeless addicts to the area with no help to clean. Shooting up in parks leaving needles around or at least being accused of it ( by mostly blog posters over assumptions).

      You have been so against the sanctuary city policy. But something like a program that can help get the people purchasing the heroin from some of the Latin gangs or cartels or whatever you want to call them. Off the stuff taking the money away from the dealers. Your not willing to look in to .

    • Paul says:

      Perhaps your concern would be better phrased to get information so voters can make informed decisions. Something like this: “Can you please explain your rationale for supporting or not supporting heroin injection sites? Thank you.”

  2. Captain obvious says:

    QofA, David silver, seahurst resident and a few others . Would like all the candidates and city council current members spend all there time and city finances. On a law to stop the all the group’s of hundreds of blind people from doing jumping jacks in the city’s parks. Before someone gets a eye poke out. They think it would go great with the need for the 24 hour needle clean up crews in the local parks.

    Now remember the city council members they don’t agree with are who are at fault for this.

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