Police arrest 6 – including 4 teens – for robbery of 7-Eleven in Burien early Sun.

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Photo courtesy Aaron Wells Photography.

A robbery took place at the 7-Eleven in the 13400 block of 1st Ave South (map below) around 3:15 a.m. early Sunday morning, Sept. 10,.

Police say that multiple suspects entered the store with bandanas covering their faces. One of the suspects had a gun, pointed it at the clerk and ordered him on the ground. The suspects then took cigarettes, cash from the register, beer, and also took the clerk’s wallet and phone.

A deputy spotted a possible suspect vehicle leaving the area and the vehicle was stopped. During the investigation a gun was found in the vehicle as well as the wallet belonging to the store clerk and items stolen from the store.

Four juvenile males – two aged 16 and two aged 17 – were arrested and booked into the Youth Service Center for Investigation of Robbery.

Two adult males, both ages 20, were also booked in the King County Jail for Investigation of Robbery.

The suspects have addresses in Puyallup, Tacoma, Federal Way and Auburn.

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14 Responses to “Police arrest 6 – including 4 teens – for robbery of 7-Eleven in Burien early Sun.”
  1. Darlene says:

    Another great job by a King Co officer. Perhaps the parents should have wondered where their teens were at that hour. I hope none of the offenders are let back out on the streets any time soon. That must have been very scary for clerk.

  2. SARGE says:

    Glad to hear the young men responsible were caught shortly after and nobody was injured. Many late night employees carry guns these days. Could have easily ended much worse. Nice work SPD spotting them quickly and handing it professionally.

    I am curious if the 16 and 17 year olds will be charged as adults since a firearm was involved with armed robbery. Very serious felony crime, not just some petty shoplifting charge.

  3. John Justbe says:

    This totally fits the pattern of crime sweeping our city. Burien is getting hit and hit hard by criminals from the south. These criminals hop the freeways and head north to what they see as easy picking. When my house was robbed in 2013, several of my items were located in Pierce County thanks to Apples “where is my ……”. Easy in and easy out is what they see, and they wont stop.

    Bravo to the Police Dept! Charge them as adults and throw them in jail…the use of a gun threw out any leniency I could have supported.

  4. No problems at Kennedy says:

    They were just turning their lives around!! And there was nothing for them to do on a Friday night..Kids will be kids…. jk

  5. Big J says:

    How about names and pictures? Public shaming can be very useful and effective. It’s too nice to let them remain anonymous.

    • Seahurst resident says:

      Names and pictures are not done due to stereo typing. Assume they are all white males called John and Joe Blow. Sorry, this is Burien, so likely different.

      It really doesn’t matter. The bottom line crime is being swept out of the city and that is most important.

  6. Peter says:

    I think the burning question in light of this is, were the police exercising enhanced, culturally appropriate anti-bias when they responded to this and apprehended the suspects?

    • Question Authority says:

      The suspects were probably asked – were you driven to this event by socio-economic decisions, were you raised in a single parent household, do you feel society is to blame for your failure to have a real job, is your race or ethnicity being singled out by the “man” as pure harassment, guns are easily acquired for pure self defense reasons? ETC. ETC.

  7. Anonymous says:

    According to The Stranger, isn’t crime in Burien “non-existent”?

  8. Anonymous says:

    What a bunch of amateurs. You never take a phone….easily tracked, you morons. And you dump the wallet and just take the cash and cards. They need to go to Crime College. Oh. That’s right. Now they can. Congratulations!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Sorry. I apologize to the Stranger. Crime is not “non-existent.” It’s “imaginary.” My bad.

  10. SARGE says:

    Given an employee was just shot just last night in another armed robbery about a mile away I have to wonder if an organized gang from further South has taken up residence in Burien.

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