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A message from Re-Elect Nancy Tosta for Burien City Council

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From Advertiser Re-Elect Nancy Tosta for Burien City Council:

Dear Burien –

I’ve served as your Councilmember for the last four years. The very best part of this job has been the opportunity to meet so many of you who are excited about what’s happening in Burien. That you realize we are a special community and are willing to put your time, energy, love, and ideas into finding solutions is the fuel that keeps me working on your behalf. Thank you!

The worst part of this job is the politics. I never in my life believed I’d be an elected politician. I’m an introvert for heaven’s sake. I’m retired and should be spending my time cooking, traveling, and playing with my grandsons. I was educated as a scientist and spent more than half my career working at various levels of government on environmental and technology issues. For the other half, I owned a small consulting business ($4million), offering services in health, economics, environment, and energy. I’ve lived in Burien for 21 years and served on our Planning Commission from 2010-2013. I believed that my knowledge and experience could be valuable to the community when I ran for Council in 2013. What I’ve learned in the last four years is that my background, knowledge and skills don’t matter if other Councilmembers don’t care about finding common ground or won’t consider points of view that differ from their own. This has been a frustration. I don’t believe politics has to be like this.

So why am I running again? I’m running because the values I share with many of you do not align with what I see in our nation’s capital or what I hear from those fostering fear in our community. Running again felt like one small thing I could do to counter the trends I see taking us backwards. I believe our best hope is a community where everyone has a chance to thrive, listens and respects diverse points of view, and helps each other out. I am a proponent for a local economy that creates community wealth. Of course, I care about pavement and public safety and wise expenditure of taxpayer dollars. But I also believe strongly in the benefit of engaging with all the whole community to think about our shared future.

Next year we will celebrate our 25th year as a city. I think we have a lot to show for it, thanks to work done by previous leaders in our community. We are very different than we were 25 years ago. Our population has almost doubled and we are even more demographically and economically diverse. We also face many more external challenges. We need leaders who can think big, while paying attention to details. We need leaders who respect each other and are willing to work together. We need leaders who want to build bridges and have the ability to find creative solutions. We need leaders who understand that our unique, caring, and diverse community is a strength. I bring this leadership and ask for your vote to continue to build the best Burien we can imagine. Thank you.

Warm regards,
Nancy Tosta

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