LETTER: Reader responds to letter about Mayor’s political action

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader in response to a previous Letter. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The B-Town Blog nor its staff:]

Dear B-Town Blog,

I was hoping this election wasn’t gong to get ugly. Well, one can be an optimistic – right?

My letter is in response to the Sybil Davis letter to The B-Town Blog Editor about Mayor Lucy Krakowiak supporting a Political Action Committee (PAC) in the Burien council election.

It is hard to tell whether Sybil Davis is naive about elections or is attempting mud slinging at the Ms. Krakowiak. I will give Ms. Davis the benefit of the doubt however.

For many years in Burien elections, Mayors and Council members have donated to candidates campaigns, endorsed candidates and have donated to PACs.

Example: Past Burien Mayor Brian Bennett, offered his talents for Robo calling for Austin Bell in 2015

Their names have been openly displayed and posted on mailers, door bellhangers,and media ads. No one has ever stated this is highly inappropriate behavior until NOW.

A review of PDC records over the years provides documentation of this practice by council members and mayors. Also, when Council Member Lauren Berkowitz, registered on August 12, 2017 as the campaign manager/media manager for a PAC in this Burien election, Ms. Davis didn’t seem to be shocked or declare that it was highly inappropriate.

(oh the hypocrisy!)

The truth of the situation is that neither council member is violating any law by being a member of a PAC. Neither of these individuals used their official titles in this and each has the right as an individual to participate in the election process.

However, maybe Ms. Davis should be concerned about are real council members violations’ of City and State laws; such as

  1. Council members providing false information to the City Clerk as related to calls for Public Information requests from citizens, individuals or other public agencies,
  2. Failure to purchase a city business license for their city businesses – (one council member went 18 years before purchasing a city business license for a business that was located in the city),
  3. Signing documents/agreements for other agencies that they have not been given the authority to sign for and the list goes on. And there are currently candidates running for office who have disrespected city law by not purchasing their city business licenses in a timely manner or by not following the rules set out by the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC).
  4. Council members delaying official business of Burien during the meetings to foster discourse and promote pet projects. (a serious pet peeve!)

These are are the real kinds of things that Ms. Davis (and the greater Burien community) ought to be concerned with.

In my humble view, this is an attempt to discredit our Mayor. Please don’t let this election continue to divide our community over inconsequential details that distract from the important issues Burien faces as a community.

I would appreciate this being posted, as it feels rather one sided.

Thank you for your consideration,
Mandy Reeves

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