LETTER: ‘We are better than this!’

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The B-Town Blog nor its staff:]

Dear Burien,

A couple days ago, many Burien residents received a mailer/flyer from a Political Action Committee (PAC) calling itself Burien For All.

The content of its claims about the four Burien residents (Joel Manning, Patty Janssen, Debi Wagner and Darla Green) who are running for council positions were done with malice for the purpose of defaming, ridiculing and lying about these candidates to the Burien community and Burien voters.

It’s unbelievable that a sitting Council person would seek to damage four good Burien citizens trying to stand up for our City.

What is wrong with these people?

It is important to note the members of this Burien For All PAC and it board members because these are the people who okayed that this flyer/mailer be sent out: sitting Council person Lauren Berkowitz/Campaign Manager, Lynne M. Randall/Treasurer, John Upthegrove/Board member, Joe Fitzgibbon, resident of West Seattle/Board member, David Meinert, Seattle Night life establishment owner and major $15 Now PAC supporter/Board member, and Jeff Upthegrove/political consultant as posted by The Stranger in their September 7, 2017 article.

While Burien For All claims the purpose of their PAC is to support the candidates Marx, Tosta, Matta  and Olguin, this mailer appears to be about mudslinging and dirty campaigning against Joel Manning, Patty Janssen, Debi Wagner and Darla Green.

Unethical much?

The ugliness and defaming nature of this Burien For All mailer takes the nastiness to a whole new level than the one that Lauren Berkowitz and her campaign manager/treasurer, Jeff Upthegrove put out against Jack Block in 2013. In that mailer, they implied that Jack Block was guilty of misusing city funds. It was later proven FALSE but it defamed Jack’s name to residents in the city. Not surprisingly, many of the same members and donors to the Burien For All PAC are the same ones who donated to Ms. Berkowitz’s smear campaign mailer against Jack Block in 2013.

So is this flyer/mailer even legal? And why do Burien residents continue to tolerate these forms of despicable, dirty campaign tactics that spew lies and hate out in our city?

Any candidate that Lauren Berkowitz/Campaign Manager for the Burien for All PAC/City council member endorses also embraces the same goals and values of Ms. Berkowitz. That is how those candidates earned her endorsement. For that reason, anyone endorsed by Lauren Berkowitz (Marx, Tosta, Matta and Olguin) should be avoided/not voted for by Burien voters.

Likewise, Nancy Tosta printed defaming statements in the General Election King County Voters’ Pamphlet about her opponent raises the question of her ethics and morals of a sitting council member defaming a resident of Burien or non other than political gain.

One wonders whether this big outside Union, corporation money and political party money that has flooded the campaign coffers of some Burien candidates (Marx, Tosta, Matta, Olguin), has encouraged and emboldened these kinds of dirty politics.

And if elected, what benefits will these big outside the city donors expect from their council member shills????!

Burien voters need to stand up, show their disapproval at the ballot box and refuse to allow this kind of political campaign behavior in their city. Burien and its residents deserve better. No more dirty politics!

We are better than this!

– Mandy Reeves

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