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A message from Jimmy Matta for Burien City Council

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From Advertiser Jimmy Matta for Burien City Council:

My name is Jimmy Matta and I am running for Burien City Council because I believe our city is comprised of people with diverse demographics and we are a proud city. I have the experience of advocating for local and state polices that help working families for decades. I appreciate differences and even at times when there is division in our city, I look beyond the uncomfortable rhetoric and see opportunities. I will have an open-door policy. I will encourage honest, respectful and transparent conversations to help us take The City of Burien to the next level of economic success. My top priorities once I am elected to council will be threefold;

First, I am committed to strengthen our local economy so that businesses can flourish, and residents can earn good living wages. As a business owner and someone who has worked as a labor organizer I have a unique understanding of the economic climate in Burien and what needs to be done. To support my efforts as your council member I will establish a business development task force in Burien that is focused on helping our small businesses by making sure they have the resources, tools and training they need to navigate local regulations, ordinances, and taxes. I believe residents of Burien who are business owners should be the leaders in creating solutions.

Second, public safety is a major concern of Burien. I will support a strong community policing program that engages community members with their local law enforcement and judicial systems. Community policing programs work because they require residents and police to work collaboratively to identify effective systems for identifying concerns, soliciting help, and solving problems. We have some serious challenges with property crime and gang violence. I will not hesitate to work side by side with police to ensure that people committing crimes know that the City of Burien will not tolerate criminals harming our community.

Third, we need to do something about affordable housing and homelessness. I have met with Burien residents and this is a pressing concern that comes up. The City of Burien needs more affordable housing to support our working families. We must understand that this issue is impacting a broad range of people in our community including our elderly who are on fixed incomes, our young adults who are struggling to pay off college debt and those who may not have been able to afford higher education and struggle to find living wage jobs. This issue of homelessness is an incredibly complex and multifaceted problem that will require us to work with other local governments, organizations, and agencies to develop practical solutions that don’t just treat the symptoms but address the causes of homelessness. As your council member, I will advocate for the city lead to better inform the community of existing programs and services and develop proposals for new programs that will help get people off the streets.

In closing, if you vote for me, you have my sincere commitment to represent every voice in my district. I will be committed, work the long hours, come to your neighborhood meetings, create access to our local government to ensure your voice is considered at all levels of creating solutions and decisions. I truly believe that the council is made to represent you and your family.

Thank you.

– Jimmy Matta


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