Happy ‘Burien-O-Ween’ from a survivor of a time machine

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A short story by Joe Moldovan

I really do not recall how I ended up here, perhaps it might make more sense if I start from the beginning…

It was Halloween afternoon in Burien and I had been working on a back up generator in the radio shack. It was then I noticed that the Spiricom box, a device I had picked up at a Ham Radio swap meet, which claimed to be able to talk to the departed souls, had a hum coming from the wood cabinet. I knew it wasn’t plugged in, so I was confused where the sound was coming from. Perhaps a insect was buzzing nearby?

Further investigation discovered it was the actual box humming!

How could that be I wondered?

As I traced the wires back, the Ham Radio which was on crackled to life over the squelch. The radio operator had an important announcement. After identifying his call sign he said:

“The Sun had a gamma the other day and today we are experiencing a electromagnetic storm of high intensity CME’s. I expect some radio outages in the area.”

…and then there was silence.

I had forgotten about the Spiricom box and decided that I was going to walk to the hardware store for some electrical fuses. As I walked down Ambaum Blvd. SW it seemed to be getting a little dark early I thought. My eye glasses bobbed on my nose as I walked and through the lens I could see what appeared to be some kind of green light dancing on the telephone wires and they seem to be waving from side to side, yet there was no wind.

There was that hum again, strange.

My mind must have been deep in thought about the solar burst as I do not recall crossing the street. As I walked, the darkness increased it seemed with every step. It was dark enough that I decided to take some shelter in the Denny’s Restaurant on 1st Ave South since they have a lounge. As I pulled the heavy glass door that said “PUSH” open, I experienced a slight electrical shock. Static perhaps? As I stood in the lobby waiting for someone, I noticed that they had redecorated again. That oldish funky bright orange/brown and yellow theme was back. Ha! – even the waitress was dressed like it was 1960. I sat and looked around, Hey, they put up some old posters with what seemed to be a tiger and could it be, the image looked like something very familiar, but gone. I just could not put my finger on it. When the waitress plopped the menu down is when the shock really hit me.


This was no joke – everything seemed to be morphing into a 1960’s Sambo’s style restaurant. The chef had the white high hat and I knew I had to get out of there. I threw a bill on the table and headed out the door to First Ave. What I saw behind me was to my surprise and amazement – the entire building had changed back, back in time. I quickly took out my cellphone and snapped some pictures. No one would believe me without proof.

I walked down the street to the corner crosswalk and headed back to Ambaum Blvd. Soon the bright lights of the Burien Lincoln Mercury Dealer were visible with “the” shiny black ’67 TransAM winner, Mercury Cougar in the window. As I reached for a crosswalk button that did not exist, another spark flew from my finger to the pole. Dazed I looked up and saw The Countryside Cafe and the Eagles club. I was back. I had to see if the cell phone pictures were real. I have included them below.

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