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LETTER: Respect Washington offers explanation about their Letter/Crime List

[EDITOR’S NOTE: On Wednesday, Nov. 1, Respect Washington emailed the following statement to The B-Town Blog about their recent controversial letter and crime list/map, which was sent out to over 3,600 residents who had signed their petition. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The B-Town Blog nor its staff:]

Four Points about the Respect Washington Letter and Illegal Alien and Gang Crime List:

  1. None of the eight Burien Council candidates “authorized” or was even aware of Respect Washington’s voter education communication mailed to over 3000 Proposition 1 petition signers. Each signer and every Burien voter – no matter their opinion – was betrayed by an illegal alien front group and one judge functioning under a warped construct of “injury” and judicial standing. The damage done to the U.S. 1st Amendment was severe. Because Respect Washington reveres the U.S. 1st Amendment “free speech” right of every citizen to “petition the Government for a redress of grievances,” Respect Washington has appealed that wrongful decision. Every Prop. 1 petitioner deserved to become informed why their question was stricken from the Nov. 7th ballot.
  2. Each map plot represents the site of a crime, an arrest or criminal’s lair. Each criminal was either arrested, charged, convicted, deported or a gang affiliate present at the crime. If not yet convicted the high bail bond assigned by a judge (approximate bond range, $500K to $1 million) makes obvious the court’s assessment of significant danger to the community and flight risk.
  3. Apartment numbers were removed from many mapped addresses. Even to jailer John Urquhart who has spent his career shielding the unlawfully present, it should be obvious that the convicted, deported or charged no longer reside at those plotted addresses. Rather each resides in the King County Jail or in a Department of Corrections prison at taxpayer expense. Surely Sheriff Urquhart is feeding them well. Not Respect Washington but rather three others have incited “vigilante action” (John Urquhart), “trying to provoke physical conflict” (Burien Councilmember Austin Bell) and “potential for violence” (Seattle Times Oct 28th paper edition – following legal advisement now altered to merely “raises concerns”). Respect Washington defends the right of citizens to know what violations of law occur in their neighborhood and locations. Respect Washington fully supports John Urquhart’s smiling face bannering the King County registered sex offender list: http://www.icrimewatch.net/index.php?AgencyID=54473&disc= [1] Urquhart not only lists offender block address but mug shots. Respect Washington would never accuse even a fake sheriff of inciting “vigilante action” against registered sex offenders.
  4. A two-page montage of Seattle Times reports of Burien crime was integral to RW’s mailed communication. The lily white reputation and authority of the Seattle Times, combined with public court documents, substantiated the immigration status of most listed criminals. Dow Constantine’s and John Urquhart’s 2013 King County “Sanctuary” Jail ordinance now hide inmate ICE detainer status from citizens. Only Constantine and Urquhart have access to that research now. Seattle Times links are provided:

– Craig Keller

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