Another funny packet released for Monday’s Burien City Council meeting

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The agenda and packet for this coming Monday’s (Nov. 6) regular Burien City Council is out (download a PDF here), and at moments it’s like reading a humor magazine, due to the fact that the City is now required to include everything that’s sent as Correspondence to the Council.

At 570 pages, it includes some comedy gold from the likes of resident Barbary Trenary, who included as a bonus to her letter a ~15-page 1995 OSHA manual on Asbestos (see p. 3):

…as well as Joey Martinez, who says on p. 39:

“Since some may soon have more time on their hand than others I wanted to give you a run down on TV shows airing on Monday,” then proceeds to list eight pages of Monday night TV show listings:

Oh, and apparently there’s info on what’s on the council’s Business Agenda as well, including the 2017-18 budget, revenues, property tax, CARES, parks, downtown parking zoning code amendments and much more:

  • a. Motion to Adopt Ordinance No. 679, Granting a Franchise to Verizon Small Cells Franchise. (Time Sensitive)
  • b. Staff Presentation of 2017-2018 Mid-Biennial Budget.
  • c. Public Hearing on Revenue Sources and Expenditures for the 2017-2018 Mid-Biennial Budget Review and Update.
  • d. Staff Presentation on the 2018 Property Tax Levy.
  • e. Staff Presentation on Ordinance No. 673, Increasing the City’s Surface Water Management Service Charges and Amending Chapter 13.10 of the Burien Municipal Code.
  • f. Motion to Authorize the City Manager to Sign the South County Area Transportation Board (SCATBd) Agreement.
  • g. Adoption of the 2018 State and Federal Legislative Priorities for the City of Burien.
  • h. Introduction and Discussion of the Draft Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan.
  • i. Introduction and Discussion of Proposed Downtown Parking Zoning Code Amendment.
  • j. Discussion and Potential Action on the Community Animal Resource and Education Society (C.A.R.E.S.) Contract for 2018-2022.
  • k. Discussion and Potential Action on 2018 Arts and Culture Grant Recommendations.
  • l. Review of Council Proposed Agenda Schedule.

The regular Burien City Council meeting starts at 7 p.m. on Monday night, Nov. 6, and is held at City Hall, located at 400 SW 152nd Street:

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