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A message from Citizens for Patty Janssen

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A message from paid Advertiser Citizens For Patty Janssen:

Hello Friends, Neighbors and Burien voters,

My name is Patty Janssen and I am running for Burien Council, position # 7. I am writing to you because, today, November 2, 2017, a neighbor shared with me a flyer they had received at their home about me. I was shocked. It made defamatory claims about me that are not true and I would like this cleared up immediately.

The flyer was sent out by my opponent (Krystal Marx) and it was aligned with and follows the mudslinging, dirty political strategy that was used in the mailer recently sent out by the Burien For All PAC. The Burien For All PAC is made up of these board members: Lauren Berkowitz/PAC Campaign Manager/Burien City Council member/34th Dem; Lynne M. Randall/Treasurer/34th Dem; John Upthegrove/Board member; Joe Fitzgibbon/PAC board member/resident of West Seattle/State House of Representatives/34th Dem; David Meinert/PAC board member/Seattle Night life entrepreneur and major $15 Now PAC supporter; and, Jeff Upthegrove/occupation: political consultant/34th Dem/political consultant to the Burien For All PAC. (See the attached Burien For All mailer).

The facts simply stated are:

(1) I am not an associate of President Trump and do not get regular Tweets from him.

(2) I have never discriminated against people of color or people who don’t look like me, as my opponent’s mailer claims.

(3) I am not an anti-immigrant candidate, a white Nationalist, white Supremacist, a Nazi, or a racist as my opponent and her associates have tried to label me. However, my opponent has claimed, by her standard of measuring Burien residents, that “all white people in Burien are racists”. Her associates and campaign colleagues have also claimed that anyone who doesn’t support their agendas are likewise haters, racists, etc.

(4) I am in no way affiliated with Respect Washington or any letter put out by them. This was my statement posted on my Facebook campaign page.

“Patty Janssen-In a statement posted on her “Citizens for Patty Janssen” Facebook page dated Oct. 27, 2017, Ms. Janssen renounced racism of any kind:

“I learned yesterday that a group called Respect Washington had used my name and photo in a letter that was sent out to a number of Burien residents. This letter was offensive and irresponsible.

I would like everyone to know that I’m in no way connected to Respect Washington, nor are they involved in my campaign, they also had never consulted with me in regards to the letter, nor did they have permission to use my name or picture. I will not tolerate ANY form of racism, period.”

LINK: Patty Janssen Facebook post.

(5) Attached to this letter is my complete response to the specific question in the Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce candidate’s questionnaire. The statement used in my opponent’s mailer about me was taken out of context of my complete response in order to distort my position, in an attempt to paint me as “hateful and divisive”. Perhaps the most real hateful and divisive part of this mailer is how my opponent designed and delivered it to mislead you about who I am. Note the portion of my response that my opponent intentionally did not include in her mailer (See the attached Patty Janssen Response to Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce 2017 candidate’s questionnaire).

What I do stand for is:

  1. Public safety for all residents in our city. Collaborate work with our police to develop and enforces laws that improve the safety of our community.
  2. Collaborate planning with Burien and other communities surrounding us to deliver services to the homeless and needy in our community. No Heroin injection sites in Burien.
  3. A revitalization of Burien through vigorous economic development policies.

If you have already voted in this election, thank you. If you have not voted yet, please check out the Public Disclosure Commission Site. I am funded mainly by local people and local businesses. My opponent is heavily funded by big outside the city money and big Union donors.

I would appreciate your vote and please vote by November 7, 2017.


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