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A message from Friends to Elect Debi Wagner

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From paid Advertiser Friends to Elect Debi Wagner:

Hello Dear Friends, Neighbors and all Residents of Burien:

I’m honored to have had the opportunity to serve you these past four years. If re-elected I will continue to promote smart growth for our community that is sustainable for the long term.

My goals for Burien are:

  • A safe city to live in
  • Enforcement of existing laws to protect Burien citizens
  • Enhanced youth athletic programs
  • Environmental protection and a community free from further airport encroachment
  • A balanced budget with no new tax increases.

I have experience in accounting, administration, customer service and environmental regulation which has helped me navigate the many complex problems Burien has faced. My husband and I are long time Burien residents who have raised our family here, worked in the city, volunteered in the community for the environment, sports, arts, music and schools. We value the small-town atmosphere as well as Burien’s vision and values, and want to preserve and enhance the great assets we all enjoy.

During my four years on the council I have championed and voted to:

  • Add more police officers, an ordinance to keep our library and parks safe for families, re-start the youth Police Explorers
  • Advance economic development, fill town square storefronts and reduce small business regulation
  • Expand youth athletic programs and promote a new community recreation center benefiting all ages
  • Balance the budget maintaining reserves to offset a pending deficit in 2020
  • Have no increase in taxes on residents
  • Have honest and transparent government and responsible council member conduct
  • Developed a winning case against the FAA to stop a new flight path through the heart of Burien

I have been an advocate for 25 years to study, understand, define and fully mitigate environmental justice impacts on all residents from cumulative noise and emissions on health, quality of life, learning and property as a result of airport operations.

Sea-Tac is undergoing a major expansion program and my experience as past president of a large local grassroots citizens organization and as co-founder of a national environmental organization has provided a high level of understanding to advocate on behalf of Burien residents. Quiet Skies Coalition in partnership with the city has accomplished something no other small group like this has ever done, halting a new fight path. I am thankful to have been a part of that major event. However, as the airport grows beyond its capacity, new challenges may arise. We need to be prepared to stand our ground.

My experience and knowledge understanding transportation has helped me to provide benefits for Burien while serving on the South County Area Transportation Board for the past four years.

As a member of the King County’s K4C and an appointee to the Port of Seattle’s Sustainability Committee I have had the opportunity to advocate for our environment and address and identify many areas for scrutiny on unique carbon reduction strategies.

As a member of the Highline Forum I have had the opportunity to engage with other representatives from various offices including education to have open dialogue advocating for opportunities on behalf of Burien citizens.

I am currently attending the Community Police Academy and learning about the many tools and practices our local Police force uses to keep Burien residents safe. This has been an amazing experience.

I want to thank all those people who have supported my service to Burien residents these past four years and know I will continue to advocate for the best for all residents.

I am extremely saddened that personal defamation of people’s character has been used in this election. This behavior hurts our community, relationships and business in Burien. My hope is that we can heal from this election and continue to move Burien forward.

Thank you,
Debi Wagner

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