Highline Public Schools celebrates 4th straight year of rise in graduation rate

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Highline Public Schools on Monday (Nov. 6) announced that its graduation rate is up for the fourth year in a row:

The class of 2017 graduated at 78.8 percent, an increase of four points over last year. Graduation rates are rising for all student groups with students of color seeing the greatest gains. Gaps between student groups have decreased substantially.

Over the past five years, the graduation rate has risen nearly 22 points for Black/African American students, 25 points for Latino students and 31 points for Pacific Islander students.

Highline Graduation Rates by Ethnicity Class of 2013 and Class of 2017

The gains come at a time when more students are enrolled in challenging, advanced courses. Over 1,000 students enrolled in at least one Advanced Placement (AP) course last year—far more than ever before. And more students are taking other kinds of courses that can count for college credit, such as International Baccalaureate (IB).

“Everyone in Highline has reason to be proud of our rising graduation rate, as it reflects the hard work of our students and staff and the tremendous support of our families and community who have stepped up to be part of our Graduate! Highline movement,” Superintendent Susan Enfield said. “We remain committed to ensuring that every student graduates with a diploma that is a ticket to the future of his or her choice.”

2017 Graduation Rate is 78.8% from Highline Public Schools on Vimeo.

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