LETTER: ‘What’s really behind all of the defaming, libelous & negative rhetoric…?’

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It is their opinion only, and it does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The B-Town Blog nor its staff:]

Letter to the Editor:

What is really behind all of the defaming, libelous and negative rhetoric in the Burien City Council elections of 2017?

In late 2016, even before the candidates had filed and the election season started, several outside groups (Union members of the Martin Luther King Labor Council) announced they were going to come in and take over the Burien City Council elections (See Attachment A). And while I don’t approve of the recent letter of Respect Washington, this Keller man wasn’t the one who announced that he was going to take over our elections. He has just done some stupid, poorly reasoned out and insensitive things. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has never issued any report on him or any of the candidates that David Feinberg keeps putting out false information about -Wagner, Green, Manning, Janssen (See http://b-townblog.com/2017/10/31/letter-respect-wa-is-a-hate-group-and-they-need-to-be). These candidates are not Nazis, White Supremacists, White Nationalists or racists and are not affiliated with any of these groups (See http://b-townblog.com/2017/10/30/candidates-for-burien-city-council-speak-out-about-respect-wa-).

The announced “take over” of Burien elections came from “outside the city” money groups–from big Unions, outside corporations and the 34th Dems in early 2017 (See Attachment B). What is most concerning about this announced takeover of Burien is the corruption of the democratic process in our city by the flood of this outside money, the intensive fake/false Facebook commenting groups and these outside groups’ desire to seize control of our city council.

The reasons for why this has happened seem to gravitate around (1) the City of Seattle and the County’s desire for cheap and affordable housing for workers to live in and who then go in as labors to service gentrified Seattle’s needs, (2) a convenient location to sweep Seattle’s problems down into (the homeless, the drug users and the poor), and (3) a location in which to run SEIU/David Rolf’s grand experiment. Unions are dying in America-less than 10% of the nation’s workers belong to Unions. David Rolf has indicated that Unions must run grand experiments and start to take over small cities and their governments to keep the Unions’ agendas alive and away from any federal government regulation. Burien has been targeted for the grand experiment. Just look at the PDC funding for a candidate they especially moved into Burien just one year ago: Pedro Olguin. That PDC data tells a good part of the story of the big outside money that is funding at least four of the candidates (Olguin, Matta, Marx, Tosta).

In a 2016 article, David Rolf states, in part:

“…our old unions and our old system of collective bargaining aren’t coming back.” “At least in the short run, they (unions) should be able to exist independent of and indifferent to federal power. These experiments…” “…should be prototyped in pro-union cities and states where they have the greatest chances of success and the fewest well-resourced enemies.” (See Attachment C).

Burien is a resource-constrained city where these outside Unions and corporations believe that, in City elections, they can out-resource the residents and small business owners (the fewest well-resourced enemies) and take over control of their City Council. This is the real reason for the mudslinging propaganda and struggles that are going on in Burien’s election. It is not about racism or Respect Washington or sanctuary city status. Those are just the red herrings. Burien’s council elections are really about land use control and control of the council who votes on this and Rolf’s (SEIU) grand experiment. The red herring issues were thrown out as bait by Socialist Sawant’s associates in Burien: Lauren Berkowitz and Jeff Upthegrove to divide people.

The New York Times and the Seattle Times (October 31, 2017, pg. A-7) recently ran an article on how Facebook and Goggle were used in the 2016 election to spread false information out to the greater U.S. public–126 million of us–through Facebook, emails and videos like we have just seen happen in our Burien elections. Hate and contempt information was then forwarded on as email gossip and blog comments to the friends and neighbors of the people who had received the fake emails and phony videos in order to sow division in the US population and skew the 2016 elections. Facebook and Goggle admit this happened on their servers.

Darla Green, Debi Wagner, Joel Manning and Patty Janssen are not racists, White Nationalists, White Supremacists, or Nazis. Predominantly Facebook and the blogs have been used to spread false and defaming information about them. They are just Burien residents who are victims of cheap, dirty and political electioneering to benefit: Lauren Berkowitz, Jeff Upthegrove, Joe Fitzgibbon, David Meinert of the Burien For All PAC; King County/ Dow Constantine; the 34th Dems; the big labor Unions, and SEIU/David Rolf. Look at Dow’s October 30, 2017 fake news conference in Burien allegedly about hate that was in reality an electioneering tactic to benefit Tosta, Matta, Marx and Olguin. The same is true for the rhetoric of Jayapal.

Burien residents don’t be fooled any longer in this election. You are in the midst of a premeditated, planned hostile takeover of your city council-for land control, and for Union and partisan control of your city council.

In order to keep Burien an independent city with a nonpartisan council, vote for Green, Manning, Wagner and Janssen.

Chestine Edgar


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