ELECTION RESULTS 6: Looks like it’s a sweep for the progressive candidates

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On Tuesday afternoon (Nov. 14), King County Elections released the sixth round of results for last Tuesday’s election, and we can safely call this race a sweep for the progressive slate.

In 2018, the Burien City Council will welcome its first Latinx members – Pedro Olguin and Jimmy Matta – as well as Krystal Marx and re-elected incumbent Nancy Tosta.

Our city’s next “non-partisan” council will go from a 4-3 split favoring moderate/conservatives to a 5-2 progressive leaning one.

Here are some of the latest developments of 27,244 registered voters, with 11,605 votes tallied so far (nearly 42.6% turnout; overall turnout for all of King County is 42.21%):

  • Pedro Olguin’s lead over Joel Manning is now at 237 votes, up from 221 votes on Monday; early returns had him behind by as many as 300, making this the biggest local comeback of 2017.
  • Jimmy Matta’s lead has grown to 353 votes over incumbent Debi Wagner, up from 324 on Monday.
  • Krystal Marx now leads Patty Janssen by 646 votes, up from 613.
  • Nancy Tosta’s lead over Darla Green has grown to 1,810.

City Of Burien Council Position No. 1:

  • Pedro E. Olguin: 5,505 • 51.1%
  • Joel Manning: 5,268 • 48.9%

Total Votes (not including write-ins): 10,773

City Of Burien Council Position No. 3:

  • Debi Wagner: 5,240 • 48.37%
  • Jimmy Matta: 5,593 • 51.63%

Total Votes (not including write-ins): 10,833

City Of Burien Council Position No. 5:

  • Darla Green: 4,496 • 41.62%
  • Nancy Tosta: 6,306 • 58.38%

Total Votes (not including write-ins): 10,802

City Of Burien Council Position No. 7:

  • Krystal Marx: 5,671 • 53.02%
  • Patty Janssen: 5,025 • 46.98%

Total Votes (not including write-ins): 10,696

*indicates incumbent

The next round of returns will be released Wednesday, Nov. 15 around 4 p.m.

Final certification by King County Elections will be Nov. 28.

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