LETTER: Councilmember Nancy Tosta says ‘Thank you Burien!’

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It is their opinion only, and it does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The B-Town Blog nor its staff:]

Thank you Burien!

Thank you for:

  • The votes you cast to re-elect me;
  • Volunteering to walk, talk, cook for, and support my campaign;
  • Electing the candidates who believe in our thriving, inclusive, compassionate community; and
  • Having the strength to survive the worst election our town has ever seen!

I’m honored and humbled at the trust you’ve placed in me. I am totally committed to continue to work as hard as I can for you for the next four years. I believe one of the most significant tasks ahead is seeking ways to bridge the schisms that have surfaced in our community. While many of you voted for me, some of you didn’t, nor did you vote for the other successful candidates. Many of you didn’t vote at all. But this election has permeated our community, with “sides” taken and harsh words spoken, words that have fueled anger and fear, and even hate in the community. I don’t understand why we seem to want to emphasize the ways we disagree, rather than looking for ways to agree. We all want to feel safe – yes? We all want a prosperous community – yes? We all want to feel that opportunities are equally available to us – yes? Given that so many of us do care deeply about our community, how do we tackle the work needed to achieve these goals and to shape the future of our city? Please help start this now.

An editorial I recently read struck a chord. It was about how much of our thinking focuses on bonding, not necessarily on truth-seeking. We are looking for ways to belong and be liked in “our groups,” and will say things that accomplish this, even if it means spreading misinformation or disparaging others who disagree. Sometimes, we substitute emotions for thoughts and expound on ideas that make us feel popular, whether they are true or not. My experience with this election has been very much this, especially on social and local media. Posts and likes are used to exaggerate differences between groups for the sake of the group, rather than recognizing the benefits of the diversity within the whole community. I continue to hope we can move forward with dialog that results in real communication.

We know we have many challenges, as do most other cities these days. But we also know we have tremendous opportunities, many now coming to fruition after decades of planning. Our diversity is a huge strength for us. We need good thinking from all perspectives to address our future. We need to meet face-to-face to share ideas; to learn to listen, hear concerns and identify needs; to discuss options and consider their feasibility; to develop a shared vision of what a great community looks like. We are growing and changing. The community we remember of 50 years past or even 10 or 25 years ago when we incorporated, will not exist again. My job as a Councilmember is to help guide the growth and changes, within our budget, and in ways that best serve all 51,000 of us. I believe we all want a sustainable and very livable future for Burien. Please think about ways you want to and will contribute. Share your thoughts on making forward motion in calls, emails or comments to me and/or the Council. Join a dialog with others. Please. I am listening. I will always stand up for what’s right, what’s fair, and for what to the best of my knowledge, I know to be true.

Thank you again for all the ways you’ve supported me and the other candidates and for what so many of you already do to make Burien a cool place to live. You are awesome and you are Burien! I am grateful and proud to represent you.

Warm regards,
Nancy Tosta
[email protected]

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