UPDATE: ‘Simba’ the cat has been FOUND!

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‘Simba’ the cat – who had been missing from the Gregory Heights neighborhood of Burien since Oct. 14 – has been found and returned home as of Sunday(Dec. 3) after nearly two months!

“He was able to be identified and reunited because the posts on your page and all the kind shares over Facebook!” said his happy owner, Payton Jones.

Payton adds:

“Sunday evening I received a message on Facebook from a woman named Kelly – she had discovered Simba living under her house after he had been meowing for a week they lured him out and posted him on the ‘Take Back Burien’ page.

“Numerous people commented on the picture, linking The B-Town Blog post of Simba, giving my number, his name etc. so she was able to find me through Facebook because of everyone’s help and I received the message from her last night and she allowed me to rush over and bring my baby home.

“It’s been almost two full months so we’re all amazed at this miracle and beyond thankful for all the help and support !! Thank you ! I know a ton of people were worried about Simba which was so heart warming and comforting so I want them all to know he’s safe and sound!!❤️ Thanks!”

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