Music4Life delivers 1,665 musical instruments to Highline Public Schools

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Organizers at Music4Life report that during the first quarter of 2017-18 (Sept. 1 – Nov. 30), they delivered 1,665 ready-to-play musical instruments – having a fair market value of $28,237* – to Highline Public Schools.

These 1,665 included two alto saxophones; one baritone; one bassoon; three clarinets; four flutes; one mandolin; three acoustic guitars; one trombone; five trumpets; one cornet; one digital piano and one digital piano keyboard; one drum practice pad kit; 1,645 recorders for fourth graders; three violins (various sizes); one viola; two drum sets; assorted percussion instruments; and two electric guitars.

“In addition, there are other instruments in-process of repairs that should soon be delivered to Highline P.S. and more are coming in,” said David Endicott, Co-Founder/President/COO.

*These numbers have been verified with Stefan Nelson of Highline Public Schools.

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