‘Dumpster Divas’ films in Olde Burien

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Courtesy Writer/Director/Actor Lee Ryan Coston comes this report on the recent filming of ‘Dumpster Divas’ in Burien:

When someone thinks of film, they automatically think of Hollywood/Los Angeles, CA. However, the film industry in the Puget Sound area is alive and well! There are thousands of writers, directors, actors and talented film crew members sprinkled throughout the area.

You don’t have to go to Hollywood to find gems like: Barry Gregg, DP; Ryan Wagenhauser, AD/Editor; Thomas Hernandez, Sound; and Shelby Schill Skiena, PA. And I’d compare our main actors: Megan Bell, Shanna Allman or Richard Werner Fahr against anyone in Hollywood.

As a writer/director, a common concern, even as I’m still writing is “where am I going to shoot this?” However, I found the perfect location for “Dumpster Divas”, which will be one of 50 film shorts to be included in a feature length film called “Drive I-5”, created by Darryl Robert Small. The perfect spot was in Olde Town Burien.

The Burien business owners were beyond amazing! Robert of Jay Lauris Jewelry not only let us shoot in front of his business, he allowed us to set up camp in his back parking lot and even gave us some screen time with Bogart, his Basset Hound. Connie, from 3 Wishes, came in more than an hour early, so that the actors would have a place to change clothes and warm up. The Tin Room offered up their bathrooms, and Gina, from Lucky U Consignment, loaned us two gorgeous fur coats, as well as the main star, a pair of Ferragamo shoes.

In the course of producing any film, short or feature length, it’s a laborious process that begins weeks and months before the day of shooting. However, when you have a wonderful group of business owners all clustered together, it not only shortens the process, it becomes a delight.

And thanks, also, to the people of Burien who walked on the other side of the street, quieted their dogs and kept their conversations low, so that we could finish up in record time.

Burien is definitely film-crew-friendly and I thank you all!

– Lee Ryan Coston

For more information on filmmaking in Burien, visit the City’s Film Office website here: http://www.burienwa.gov/film

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