‘Demand Change Now’ rally planned for Jan. 22 Burien City Council Meeting

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A rally called ‘Demand Change Now’ is planned for the Jan. 22 Burien City Council meeting.

Suggestions for the 7 p.m. rally at City Hall – which appears to be organized by former Councilmember Lauren Berkowitz – includes electing new councilmember Jimmy Matta as Mayor, repealing the City’s ‘Trespass Ordinance,’ continuing the sanctuary city status, discussing a comprehensive plan to combat homelessness, as well as repealing the council’s Oct. 23 censuring of Berkowitz for using social media and more.

Here’s what was posted to a Facebook page:

“We made history in Burien with our elections; now participate in making that history more than just symbolic.

  • Elect Jimmy Matta Mayor of Burien
  • Repeal the unconstitutional, mean-spirited trespass ordinance
  • Decriminalize the inability to pay parking fines
  • Repeal imprisonment as a penalty for driving with license suspended in the third degree
  • Revoke the unconstitutional junk vehicles ordinance
  • Revoke the unconstitutional censure of me for engaging you, the constituents, through social media, and repeal the unconstitutional council rules
  • Add to future agenda items the Economic Development Strategic Plan
  • Add to future agenda items discussion of a regional, comprehensive plan to combat homelessness
  • Add to future agenda items recreating the sanctuary city ordinance to reflect the community’s goals

Now is the time to remind our progressive councilmembers (Marx, Matta, Tosta, Bell, Olguin) that they must begin the process of upholding their campaign promises by taking action on these items.”

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