Here’s what’s on the agenda for Monday’s 1st Burien City Council session of 2018

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Here’s what’s on the agenda for the first Burien City Council Study Session of 2018 – set for Monday night, Jan. 22:

  • Selecting a new Mayor (for a two-year term – will it be newcomer Jimmy Matta or veteran Nancy Tosta?)
  • Selecting a new Deputy Mayor (for one year)
  • Report from the BEDP
  • Report from the Small Business Development Center
  • Appointments of councilmembers to local and governmental organizations
  • Discussion on the upcoming City Council Retreat
  • …and more

Note about public comment:
At study sessions, those who would like to comment on an agenda item may raise their hand to be recognized. Speakers will have two minutes each. Per City Council Meeting Guidelines, study sessions do not include a general public comment period at the beginning of the meeting.

Note also that this meeting will likely include a ‘Demand Change Now rally’ organized by outgoing councilmember Lauren Berkowitz.

Below is the agenda, or you can download the full packet here (PDF file):


  • Election of the Mayor
  • Election of the Deputy Mayor


  • BEDP Annual Report and Work Plan.
(Andrea Snyder, Economic Development Manager & Jay Hasbrouck, BEDP Chair)
  • Business Attraction Subcommittee Workplan. (Rodolfo Hernandez McIntyre, BEDP Member)
  • SW 153rd St. Subcommittee Workplan. (Robyn Desimone, BEDP Member)
  • Update from the Small Business Development Center. (Andrea Snyder, Economic Development Manager & 
Rich Shockley, Certified Business Owner)
  • Discussion and Potential Action to Appoint Burien City Council Representatives to Local and Governmental Organizations for 2018. (Brian J. Wilson, City Manager)
  • Discussion on the City Council Retreat. (Brian J. Wilson, City Manager)
  • Review of Council Proposed Agenda Schedule. (Brian J. Wilson)

In addition, the new 2018 council will be getting their photos taken at 4 p.m. (makeup!), and will also be in an Executive Session to Discuss Potential Litigation per RCW 42.30.110(1) at 6 p.m.

As usual, the Burien City Council session will start at 7 p.m. at City Hall, located at 400 SW 152nd Street:

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