Highline Schools study: importance of social emotional learning at school

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Highline Public Schools is sharing themes that emerged from a recent online community conversation about social and emotional learning.

In October and November, families and staff shared hundreds of comments and ideas in a ThoughtExchange conversation that asked:

“How can we better support student’s social and emotional wellbeing at school? And what social-emotional skills do students need to learn to be career and life ready?”

Two themes emerged from the online conversation, according to the district:

Support social & emotional wellbeing:

  • Continue to focus on positive behavior
  • Acknowledge and communicate with students
  • Teach empathy and emotional intelligence
  • Hire more support staff
  • Maintain a safe learning environment
  • Strengthen social skills

Teach communication skills:

  • Provide opportunities for collaboration and teamwork
  • Nurture character development
  • Practice life skills

“The ideas will help us develop strategies to build our students’ skills and knowledge,” Superintendent Susan Enfield said. “These social-emotional strategies will be included in our updated strategic plan, which is being developed now with the help of staff in schools across the district.”

In the ThoughtExchange conversation, staff and families shared ideas and comments, read what others said and prioritized the shared ideas with a rating.

Visit the online interactive report to read the comments and learn about the top priorities that emerged for each grade level and for the district as a whole.

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