Volunteers needed to clean-up a stretch of SR 509 this Sunday, Feb. 18

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Volunteers are needed to help a new group called ‘Localists of Burien‘ do clean-up work on a stretch of the SR 509 freeway this Sunday, Feb. 18, starting at Noon.

If you’d like to lend a hand, please meet at the “Welcome to Burien” pergola sign at the northwest corner of 1st Ave South and SW 148th Street (near Rite Aid/Safeway). Parking is available in the nearby Safeway lot.

Volunteers will then head out to cleanup this portion of SR 509, which this group has officially “adopted” from WSDOT:

Here’s more from the ‘Localists of Burien‘ Facebook group Organizer Rob Halpin:

From there, Charlie Perkins will do a quick equipment check; go over the plan; and then volunteers will head out to to the freeway in 2-3 cars.

If you’re not interested in cleaning up the highway and still want to help, Christine Lopez could sure use some extra hands cleaning up downtown with the others. They’ll be meeting at the Municipal parking lot located at 634 SW 151st at Noon.

Looks like the rain might stop mid morning, and that should leave us in good shape for the afternoon. However, it will be cold, so dress really warm.

This section of highway is the first impression visitors to Burien get when travelling north or south to us on 509. Let’s make that first impression a good one, eh?

The section would be “ours” for 4 years, and we’d even have our very own highway sign! How cools is that?


WSDOT’s expectations are relatively low: Only four clean-ups each year to be done anytime we want. A team of 6 people for a few hours for each of the 4 clean ups should be fine, and we could bundle those clean ups with other Burien clean up events.

The good news is that we’re not expected to pick up anything dangerous, heavy, or too dirty. All we have to do is “flag it”, and WSDOT will take it from there.

The other good news is that all the necessary equipment will be provided, and we get to keep it and use it for other events. Handy!

Dates, days and times are ours to determine, and we’d welcome your suggestions and input for those.

Imagine seeing a clean stretch of freeway and our very own sign welcoming you home every time you get off 509…and knowing you helped make it happen.

We’ll proceed with the ‘adoption’ if we can get at least 10 good shows of support.

This group is for the localists of Burien. Here, they can plan, organize, and share stories of things that they’ve voluntarily done or wish to do to make their city better.

Pick up trash around a playground? Snap and share it. Help an elderly neighbour get her groceries? Do tell. Need help organizing a soccer game for kids? Ask away. Want to coordinate a “needle clean up” event? Go for it. It absolutely doesn’t matter how small the deed is. Share it and inspire others.

We’ll also be reaching out to other organizations that want to make things better so you can find out what they’re up to locally and when you can help.

In this group (join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LocalistsBurien/), you can:

  • share what you’ve done to help your city
  • suggest projects or issue challenges
  • organize events
  • request help with projects
  • coordinate projects with other members
  • connect to other organizations trying to make Burien better.


This group is not for political discussion or debate. It’s also not a place for the solicitation of funds. Let’s keep this group apolitical, money free, positive, and, most of all, collaborative.

This group is open to everyone who wants to help.

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