Residents at Merrill Gardens petition City, will be getting crosswalk soon

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Street view shows where a crosswalk would go across SW 150th Street at 5th Ave SW near Merrill Gardens.

Burien Public Works recently received a petition signed by 89 residents at Merrill Gardens requesting a crosswalk and beacon across SW 150th Street at 5th Ave SW.

“Within a week of opening, the City began to receive complaints from Merrill Gardens residents regarding the safety of crossing SW 150th Street to reach the drugstore,” City Manager Brian Wilson said.

The main building entrance for Merrill Gardens is on 5th Ave SW (map below), and given their age and vulnerability, most residents complained that having to walk to 4th Ave SW to cross at the traffic signal was too burdensome.

Staff plans to add the crosswalk as a new project when the TIP is updated later this spring. However, METRO Transit has agreed to construct the improvements in conjunction with the H-Line Bus Rapid Transit Project, which plans to install a station near that same location. METRO has an aggressive timetable and will open the new bus service in early 2020.

“This is far faster than staff could install the improvements pursuing funding from the State Pedestrian-Bike grant program or another source,” Wilson added.

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