Shooter arrested after hiding in porta potty in Dottie Harper Park Thursday

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At around 4:30 p.m. on Thursday (March 22), multiple 911 calls came in to report that a shooting had occurred near Dottie Harbor Park.

Police say that a 27-year old Asian male – who was located hiding in a porta potty in the park – was identified as the shooter.

The victim that he shot at was not located, and never called 911.

“The suspect was located as he tried to hide in a porta potty in the park,” Sgt. Ryan Abbott told The B-Town Blog. “The suspect was handcuffed and a handgun was located in the porta potty he had just exited.”

The suspect was a convicted felon and the firearm returned stolen.

Here’s a report that a witness gave to Aaron Wells:

“A car was in the middle of the road with its front bumper hit and right headlight out.

A man was standing near the front of the car while another man came walking down from the road and they looked like they exchanged words.

The man coming down the road started firing and came around the broken down vehicle and shot 2 more times then calmly turned around and walked away.”

The suspect was booked into King County Jail pending felony charges.

A victim of the shooting was never located, and it is unknown if they were hit.

Dottie Harper Park is located t 421 SW 146th Street:

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