UPDATE: Bloodmobile had to shut down early Friday due to unsafe conditions

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A Bloodworks Northwest Bloodmobile had to close early in Burien on Friday, May 4, because technicians working the drive did not feel safe after a small group of people became disruptive.

“After the drive began, several people entered the Bloodmobile and demanded to be paid for their blood donation, and to be given needles and snacks,” said John Yeager, Senior Media Content Strategist of Bloodworks Northwest. “Burien police responded, the individuals left, and the drive was suspended.”

Here’s what Sgt. Ryan Abbott of the King County Sheriff’s Office told The B-Town Blog:

“Burien PD was dispatched to the Safeway parking lot at 3:45 p.m. on 05/04 – Bloodworks called thinking 3 subjects were shooting up in a car in the parking lot.

Deputies arrived quickly within 6 minutes, contacted 3 subjects in an abandoned white car in the parking lot.

All the occupants of the car were ID’d and were clear.

They found foil in the car but no drugs, they all left as requested by the Officers.

Burien PD had to run to another in-progress call, but they were never called back.

According to KOMO, 45 minutes after this call, Bloodworks packed up and left.

We did not receive any other 911 calls about this issue.”

“Bloodworks sincerely regrets any inconvenience caused to people in Burien intending to donate at this drive, and we’re disappointed that collections were lost at a time of high need for Type O-blood,” Yeager added.

Blood donations are voluntary, and without compensation. More info on Bloodworks Northwest is available here.

The Bloodmobile was parked at the Burien Plaza, located near the Safeway at 138 SW 148th Street:

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