Local mathematicians face off at the Seahurst Elementary Math Bonanza

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Every Highline elementary school has excited and talented mathematicians; two-thirds of them demonstrated this fact at the 2018 Seahurst Elementary Math Bonanza on Friday, May 4. 

239 students in 4th-, 5th-, and 6th-grades spilled out of the cafeteria into three overflow classrooms, making it the largest elementary math contest in Highline’s history!  Of course, they hope to be even bigger next year, and the dream is to convince all 19 Highline elementary schools to participate.

In the weeks before the contest, many students met with teachers and parent coaches outside of class time to learn topics they hadn’t been exposed to and to familiarize themselves with the test formats.  At the event, students competed in a variety of tests in different formats: an individual test in which students attempted to solve thirty problems in thirty minutes, a mental math test in which individuals tried to solve twenty questions in their head in fifteen minutes, and two team tests (Algebra & Probability and Geometry & Potpourri) in which teams of four students attempted to solve twenty topic-specific problems in fifteen minutes.

After the four events, students and their families enjoyed a dinner break while the scoring room wrapped up its work.  Soon, the awards ceremony began with a Math Star pin for every attendee, shortly followed by the All-That-and-a-Bag-of-Chips award for the highest-scoring student on each team of four, each of which received a bag of chips!

Those winners were:

School NameStudent NameGrade
Beverly ParkJunrou Tran5
Beverly ParkNatnael Tsehay5
Beverly ParkJoseph Balcazar6
Des MoinesCarson Cramer6
Des MoinesJohn Diaz6
MarvistaJosephine Novick4
MarvistaKaitlin Bell4
MarvistaLael Mengistu4
MarvistaJustin Bell5
MarvistaZion Cruz5
MarvistaMadelyn Novick6
MarvistaMartin Dinh6
MarvistaRayana Abdullahi6
MidwayKayla Rodriguez Martinz5
MidwayLeslie Ochoa5
MidwayGerardo Garcia6
North HillAudrey Droppelman4
North HillDale Shockley4
North HillDelilah Al Kaddah-Woltz4
North HillEmma Roberts4
North HillEthan Driscol5
North HillForrest Oliverson5
North HillLily Monahan5
North HillMarcelo Gonzales5
North HillOwen Brown5
North HillAria Hawkins6
North HillParker Crawford6
Rainier PrepAbdoulaye Cisse5
Rainier PrepAbdullah Kebbeh5
Rainier PrepKatherine Maas6
Rainier PrepSiniya Jones6
SeahurstMichael Avecilla4
SeahurstOliver Pinkney4
SeahurstAlexander Avecilla5
SeahurstBriar Rose Ables5
SeahurstDaisy Guerrero5
SeahurstLysandra Plant5
SeahurstTatum Swift5
SeahurstCristian Rivera6
SeahurstJasmine Delgado-Guerrero6
SeahurstUzziel Sanchez Lopez6
ShorewoodChris Talty4
ShorewoodJavaris Matthews5
ShorewoodEric Nguyen6
ShorewoodSarah Berhan6
Southern HeightsCassius Springer6
Southern HeightsJennifer Thai6
Southern HeightsRichany Sorm6
White Center HeightsMina Aziz4
White Center HeightsTiffany Melendez4
White Center HeightsAbby Hess5
White Center HeightsJulie Vo5
White Center HeightsMaddy Hess6

The next award level was the “Sweet Solvers”, the highest-scoring student in each grade at each school, each of which received a candy bar!  Those winners were:

School NameStudent NameGrade
Beverly ParkKameron Thav4
Beverly ParkNatnael Tsehay5
Beverly ParkJoseph Balcazar6
Des MoinesCarson Cramer6
MarvistaJosephine Novick4
MarvistaJustin Bell5
MarvistaMadelyn Novick6
MidwayKayla Rodriguez Martinz5
MidwayGerardo Garcia6
North HillDale Shockley4
North HillForrest Oliverson5
North HillOwen Brown5
North HillAria Hawkins6
Rainier PrepAbdullah Kebbeh5
Rainier PrepKatherine Maas6
SeahurstOliver Pinkney4
SeahurstDaisy Guerrero5
SeahurstJasmine Delgado-Guerrero6
ShorewoodChris Talty4
ShorewoodJavaris Matthews5
ShorewoodSarah Berhan6
Southern HeightsJennifer Thai6
White Center HeightsMina Aziz4
White Center HeightsJulie Vo5
White Center HeightsMaddy Hess6

The third award level is the ten top-scoring individuals in each grade across the district.  They were:

GradeDivisionPlaceSchool NameStudent Name
4JV10White Center HeightsTiffany Melendez
4JV7White Center HeightsBrian Ho
4JV7SeahurstKiya Mang
4JV7SeahurstJason Owen
4JV6SeahurstRenee Jensen
4JV5White Center HeightsMina Aziz
4JV4SeahurstGuetty Moita
4JV3SeahurstMichael Avecilla
4JV2Beverly ParkKameron Thav
4JV1SeahurstOliver Pinkney
4Varsity9North HillAudrey Droppelman
4Varsity9MarvistaAlison Rice
4Varsity8MarvistaLael Mengistu
4Varsity7MarvistaAbigail Yonas
4Varsity6North HillAlex Roberts
4Varsity5MarvistaKaitlin Bell
4Varsity4MarvistaJosephine Novick
4Varsity3North HillDale Shockley
4Varsity2ShorewoodNatasha Hartly
4Varsity1ShorewoodChris Talty
5JV10MidwayEpriam Mukania
5JV10Beverly ParkJunrou Tran
5JV9White Center HeightsJB Jagolino
5JV7SeahurstTatum Swift
5JV7SeahurstAlexander Avecilla
5JV6Rainier PrepAbdullah Kebbeh
5JV5Beverly ParkKaden Truong
5JV4MidwayKayla Rodriguez Martinz
5JV3SeahurstDaisy Guerrero
5JV2Beverly ParkNatnael Tsehay
5JV1White Center HeightsJulie Vo
5Varsity8ShorewoodAndrew Dowling
5Varsity8MarvistaJustin Bell
5Varsity5ShorewoodRiley Wiggen
5Varsity3ShorewoodJavaris Matthews
6JV10Southern HeightsJaden Gentry
6JV9Beverly ParkKenneth Thav
6JV6SeahurstJasmine Delgado-Guerrero
6JV6Rainier PrepMundir Ali
6JV5Rainier PrepHeba Al-Sheblawy
6JV4Southern HeightsJennifer Thai
6JV3Rainier PrepSiniya Jones
6JV2Beverly ParkJoseph Balcazar
6JV1Rainier PrepKatherine Maas
6Varsity8ShorewoodSamuel Dagmawi
6Varsity8North HillAria Hawkins
6Varsity6ShorewoodRae Williams
6Varsity4ShorewoodEric Nguyen
6Varsity3ShorewoodMaddy Handshew
6Varsity2ShorewoodSarah Berhan
6Varsity1MarvistaMadelyn Novick

The final award level was the highest-scoring teams in each grade across the district.  They were:

GradeDivPlaceSchool NameNameGradeNameGradeNameGradeNameGrade
4JV4White Center HeightsTiffany Melendez4Suray Batts4Ariana Cortez4Janna Al-Janabi4
4JV3White Center HeightsKamiah Jackson4Arely Contreras4Mina Aziz4Camila Busio-Hazen4
4JV2SeahurstGuetty Moita4Jason Owen4Oliver Pinkney4Renee Jensen4
4JV1SeahurstElan Jo4Kiya Mang4Michael Avecilla4Sabrina Nangonzi4
4Varsity5MarvistaZennen Luiz4Lael Mengistu4Logan Wade4
4Varsity4North HillAudrey Droppelman4Grace Hacke4Silas Egger4Delayni Yashruti4
4Varsity3MarvistaKaitlin Bell4Alison Rice4Abigail Yonas4
4Varsity2MarvistaElise Adams4Megan Inman4Kirsten Marra4Josephine Novick4
4Varsity1North HillDale Shockley4Alex Roberts4Lilah Nutting4Liam Drew4
5JV5Rainier PrepAbdoulaye Cisse5Alioune Cisse5Joshua Mendez5
5JV4SeahurstKevin Guzman5Lysandra Plant5Tyler Luu5
5JV3SeahurstDaisy Guerrero5Janette Bonilla5Ken Thach5
5JV2White Center HeightsMeron Abraha5JB Jagolino5Julie Vo5Brian Ho4
5JV1SeahurstAlexander Avecilla5Besa Hruska5Beza Honelign5Tatum Swift5
5Varsity3ShorewoodNicholas Warfield5Andrew Dowling5Javaris Matthews5Riley Wiggen5
5Varsity2ShorewoodOrion Genett5Chris Talty4Natasha Hartly4Evelyn Manning5
6JV5SeahurstJasmine Delgado-Guerrero6Esmeralda Castro Cordero6Pablo Palma6Tazmin Hanson6
6JV4Beverly ParkKaden Truong5Natnael Tsehay5Josmar Barajas Valdovinos5Carlos Murillo Pavon6
6JV3Beverly ParkDaniel Ly6Kenneth Thav6Joseph Balcazar6Miracle Mason6
6JV2Rainier PrepKatherine Maas6Katie Tran6Justin Castro De Jesus6Mundir Ali6
6JV1Southern HeightsJaden Gentry6Jake Johnson6Jennifer Thai6
6Varsity5Des MoinesViolet Middleton16Mischa McGrath16Rachel Young16Carson Cramer16
6Varsity3ShorewoodSamuel Dagmawi6Eric Nguyen6Aiden Hoang6
6Varsity2ShorewoodEyanna Bannister6Maddy Handshew6Rae Williams6Sarah Berhan6
6Varsity1MarvistaMadelyn Novick6Maddy Pittis6Emma Le6

All of the tests for the 2018 Middlementary Math Bonanza were provided by National Assessment & Testing (http://www.natassessment.com), which in addition to this local competition administers four national contests by mail each year in different formats.

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