Highline Public Schools releases revised School Boundary Maps

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Members of the community-led Capital Facilities Advisory Committee (CFAC) have developed a revised set of boundary maps and school feeder plan for Highline Public Schools.

The draft plan – announced on Friday, May 11 – incorporates many of the changes suggested by community members during the public review process in March and April.

During three hours of discussion at their May 9 meeting, members examined every section of the proposed map, comparing proposed changes against the previous draft and comparing student population to building capacities. Members agreed unanimously to move the revised boundary plan forward for final evaluation at their May 23 meeting.

“Changing boundaries is a huge task but we found ways to address a great many of the issues identified by families and community members across the district,” CFAC Co-chair Rose Clark said. CFAC Co-Chair Aaron Garcia added, “This is looking like a good compromise that will serve our families well.”

Highlights of the revised draft boundary plan being considered by CFAC:

  • Better matches student population to building capacity
  • Makes fewer changes to existing boundaries
  • Aligns with more city and neighborhood boundaries
  • Minimizes bus transportation
  • Preserves the ability to walk to school for more students who live close to school sites. (Some school sites remain near the border of their service area because they are close to a major roadway.)
  • Keeps proposed elementary cohorts together from kindergarten through high school

Read the meeting summary here and look at the revised draft boundary plan under development.

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