LETTER: Resident upset that her ‘Black Lives Matter’ signs are being stolen

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The B-Town Blog nor its staff:]

Unfortunately I live in the neighborhood of Seahurst in Burien. I state unfortunately because having lived in some incredible places including New York City, Washington D.C. and Seattle; the behavior my family has encountered since moving here has been disturbing. Small minded, judgmental neighbors who instead of welcoming you to the community believe they can censor you, intimidate you, and are disrespectful and intrusive. Now they believe they can “silence or stifle” our first amendment rights to freedom of speech by trespassing on our properties at night and stealing our “Black Lives Matter” signs. Neighbors literally have been asked to take down their signs by others listing their homes because they don’t want buyers to think they live in one of “THOSE” neighborhoods.

It is 2018 and bigotry is alive and well in Burien. Our Block Watch Captain, the person responsible for the safety and unity of this community is helping people drag other neighbors into court under the premise that free speech is harassment. People who are being pushed out of Seattle and paying $700K-$800K for houses and bringing upscale businesses, and new life to this community are being bullied and harassed by neighbors who don’t want change or gentrification; and who believe they are “entitled” to behave in such a manner because of their longevity in the community. The Burien Police are absolutely useless, and unless you are shot or there is a murder tell you to pound sand. Just look at the latest incident where that poor homeless man was almost beaten to death by one of the fine residents of this City.

Our property taxes are going up by 18% next year and for what? So people can be harassed in their homes by their neighbors, for our stellar schools, or maybe it’s for the outstanding job being done by law enforcement? Burien is one of “THOSE” communities. We had our second annual Pride celebration on Saturday and the influx of young families of every color and sexual preference is prevalent on almost every sidewalk in town. Instead of trying to intimidate and ostracize those who think or believe differently then you, the residents with seniority in this community should embrace and welcome the change and the newcomers, and be grateful that their property values are increasing and that Burien is finally on the map. But most important they should be grateful that they live in one of “THOSE” communities where people have a right to be, live, and say what the constitution of this country guaranteed ALL of us so long ago.


– Cesca Lamorticelli

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