Capital Facilities Committee recommends Boundary Plan to School Board

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The community-led bond and boundary planning committee for Highline Public Schools presented a recommended set of boundary maps and a short list of additional considerations at Wednesday’s school board meeting.

The district says that the  proposed elementary, middle and high school boundaries are the result of a year-long process led by the Capital Facilities Advisory Committee (CFAC). The maps and school feeder plan presented to the school board reflect public feedback gathered in 10 community meetings and a districtwide survey.

Here’s more from Highline Public Schools:

CFAC co-chairs Rose Clark and Aaron Garcia complimented the volunteer committee members for their public service and their willingness to work through complicated and controversial issues that impact families.

“We had some difficult, but important conversations, and we did a lot of listening to feedback,” said Clark.

“I’m proud that we were able to create a plan that incorporates most of the input we got from the community,” said Garcia.

Clark and Garcia cited a number of benefits of the boundary proposal:

  • Keeps elementary cohorts together K-12
  • Does not split elementary schools
  • Minimizes change to existing boundaries
  • Aligns with more city and neighborhood boundaries
  • Minimizes bus transportation and preserves walk routes
  • Retains Somali community in Marvista Elementary School
  • Improves balance of capacity v. projected enrollment

CFAC members also recommended several supplemental considerations aimed at decreasing the impacts of boundary change and alleviating inequities resulting from neighborhood demographics in Highline. Their ideas ranged from making in-district transfers easier for students living within sight of a school that is outside their new boundary to directing more resources to schools with higher poverty rates.

Board action expected June 27
The school board will take the CFAC recommendation under consideration and is expected to vote on a final boundary plan at its next meeting on June 27.

Highline families living in change areas will receive information in early fall 2018 about their new elementary service area or new feeder pattern for middle school or high school. The new boundary plan will take effect in fall 2019 and will coincide with the opening of the new Glacier Middle School and new, larger Des Moines Elementary School.

See the Boundary Maps & Plan:

Recommended Boundary Maps and Feeder Plan

More Information

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