UPDATE: Former Burien Deputy terminated due to assault conviction

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The King County Sheriff’s Office has learned a Detroit jury convicted KCSO Deputy Edward N. Hicks – who once worked in Burien – of Misdemeanor Aggravated Assault and Felony Misconduct in Office.

Earlier this year, Wayne County Prosecutors filed charges against Hicks, who is also a former Detroit Police Officer, for an Aug. 30, 2016 incident during which he punched an arrestee several times causing “significant facial injuries.”

UPDATE Thursday June 28, 2018: Thursday morning, Sheriff Mitzi Johanknecht terminated the employment of Deputy Edward N. Hicks. In a letter to Hicks, Sheriff Johanknecht stated:

“I find that we are unable to maintain your employment any longer because our policy clearly provides that we cannot employ anyone with a felony criminal conviction.”

Hicks waived his right to a Loudermill Hearing, where he could have explained any mitigating circumstances to the Sheriff before she made her final decision.

To read Sheriff Johanknecht’s “Loudermill Decision letter,” click here (PDF file).

On Tuesday (June 26), King County UnderSheriff Scott Somers recommended termination of Deputy Hicks’ employment with KCSO, after receiving verification of his conviction from the court (Case No. 18-001459-01-FH) in Wayne County, Michigan. Under long established policies and procedures, Deputy Hicks will be provided an opportunity to submit any mitigating information he chooses to provide before Sheriff Johanknecht makes her final decision.

“Our deputies must be held to the highest standards of professional conduct” said Undersheriff Somers “Any felony conviction automatically disqualifies an employee from holding any position within the King County Sheriff’s Office”.

Hicks was hired by the King County Sheriff’s Office in February 2017. During an extensive pre-employment background check, which began in late 2016, KCSO requested Hicks’ personnel documents from Detroit PD. In November 2016, The Detroit Police Department provided those records, but did not disclose Hicks was under internal investigation for the assault of the arrestee.

Hicks was not charged criminally by Wayne County Prosecutors until January 2018. However, on December 21, 2017, after the Detroit allegations came to light, the King County Sheriff’s Office placed Hicks on paid administrative leave. The KCSO Internal Investigations Unit (IIU) initiated its own investigation of Hicks’ actions on August 30, 2016 and whether Hicks provided truthful answers on his pre-employment questionnaire. The KCSO Internal Investigation was put on hold in January of this year pending the outcome of the criminal matter in Michigan. Now, the KCSO internal review of Deputy Hicks’ truthfulness on his pre-employment questionnaire will move forward.

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