VIDEO: Raw footage of Tuesday night’s barge fire on Duwamish River

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By Scott Schaefer

Around 8:15 p.m. on Tuesday night, June 26, a huge plume of black smoke could be seen from the Burien area.

The smoke was dark and dangerous looking, like a rogue, angry snake, slowly slithering towards the city.

Thinking there was a horrible blaze burning somewhere in north Burien, BTB Founder/Publisher Scott Schaefer went in search of the fire, which was not local, but some seven miles north on the Duwamish River near 601 S. Myrtle Street at the Seattle Iron and Metals scrap yard in Georgetown.

The scene around the fire was surreal, full of onlookers slowly driving around looking for a place to park, then clamoring to get the best shot with their smartphones.

Several young men were seen climbing on top of barbed wire fences for a better view (we did not join them there…).

People could be heard joking aloud, saying things like “did anyone bring marshmallows?” while a fiery, dangerous blaze with flames leaping 50–100 feet into the dark blue sky burned junked cars on a barge less than 100 yards away behind stacks of shipping containers.

The smell of burning rubber filled the air, and the sound of the huge fire – along with numerous small explosions – could be heard, all before firefighters could get a handle on it.

At times it felt like I was at a sporting event, with a strange communal aspect of watching and sharing an intense event with strangers. Everyone seemed entranced by the spectacle, and I’m sure most of us were all way too close to this dangerous ‘hot monster.’

Cause of the fire is unknown at this time, but it was one of the biggest seen in this area in recent memory.

Here’s raw video as broadcast live on our Facebook page (to be alerted of other live videos, be sure to “Like” us here):

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