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Three reasons my wife Lois Schipper will be a great 34th District State Senator

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From Advertiser Lois Schipper for State Senate:

Dear Neighbor:

With our current State Senator retiring, my amazing wife Lois Schipper is running for the State Senate. Our 34th District includes Burien, West Seattle, White Center, and Vashon Island. Lois is a Public Health Nurse and expert on families-in-crisis. Lois managed the White Center Public Health clinic for many years and has been an executive in community health programs world-wide.

Ballots for this election arrive this weekend.

With free postage for the first time, voting by mail will be easier than ever. Be sure to vote. As B-Town Blog readers evaluate who they will vote for, I wanted to share three reasons why I think that Lois will be an excellent State Senator:

  1. Lois is an Expert at Evaluating the Effectiveness of Social Programs
    With 30 years as a front line community nurse, with a Masters Degree in Public Health, Lois has been trained to prove the economic, health and social value of social support programs. Lois helped the Gates Foundation understand that family-level social stability investment with at-risk kids from ages 0 to 3 showed that these kids would have greater educational success and spend less time in jail as adults. At the same time, Lois will be the first person to say that if data shows that a program is not having the intended positive effect, it needs to be restructured or de-funded.
  2. A Hand Up Helps Families get out of Poverty
    Some local folks have labeled Lois as a “bleeding heart” liberal. In reality, Lois is a practical, hands-on leader who will help set smarter, more effective public social investment policy. I have lost count of the times when families-in-crisis have called Lois and asked her to meet them at the hospital. Lois drops everything, zips out, and uses her decades of cross-cultural health care experience to help families understand the medical issues they face, and helps them develop a medical support plan that provides recovery and stability to their family. Since data shows that one-third of Americans are one paycheck away from homelessness, Lois has essential management experience that we need for more effective government policies.
  3. Whether at Home or Overseas, Lois Provides Leadership
    Lois has given her entire life to support families in crisis, both here and overseas. Lois spent three years as a Nurse in the Peace Corps in an isolated desert village in Africa. Lois was also on emergency medical response teams to Sudan (during the famine there) and to Indonesia (after the tsunami).

    During the Iraq war, Lois was part of a small non-government medical response team that was dropped off by a US military helicopter in a wheat field high in the mountains of northern Iraq, surrounded by 30,000 desperate Kurdish refugees who Saddam had chased into the mountains.

    For three months, Lois was the Non-Government Organization (NGO) Coordinator there, facilitating collaboration between the Iraqi government in exile, the Kurdish refugee governing body, and the U.S. military. Talk about putting yourself in harm’s way to help families. After Lois ended her assignment there, members of a replacement team were killed when their helicopter was shot down.

    Locally, in addition to being a PTSA President in both the Highline and Seattle School Districts, Lois was president of Highline Citizens for Schools, helping lead multiple successful bond/levy campaigns. Lois was also part of the “King County Child Death Review” process, where, as a Public Health Nurse, she and colleagues from the courts, police, fire, Child Protective Services (CPS), and other social service professions, would meet and review every preventable child death in the county and see how we could do a better job protecting children. She has also been a leader in her Nurse’s union.

    Trust a Nurse!

    Our two boys are now in college, and Lois is ready to take her lifetime of remarkable service to the human condition to Olympia. Think how our policies would change if we had more women, and more nurses, in government. Lois will be the only nurse in the State Senate.

Please consider donating to her campaign @ www.loisschipperforstatesenate.com and like her on Facebook at LoisSchipperforStateSenate.

Look out Olympia, Lois will not be a “status quo” Democrat.

Mark L. Ufkes (Proud Husband of 27 years)

Ufkes – Schipper Family Motto: Don’t let your children grow up without you“.

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