Explore Seahurst Discovery Zones at the Environmental Science Center

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Make some discoveries in your own backyard!

This summer, Burien’s Environmental Science Center will reveal what’s in your watershed in interesting ways and how you can improve its health. Naturalists will be on hand and foot for guided beach and bird walks, macroinvertebrate dips, plankton tows and owl-pellet dissections.

Along with outdoor options, indoor science and arts and crafts activities will be offered throughout the day, and include a play area for kiddos.

If you’ve never been inside that building at Seahurst Park, come take a peek and see what else you’ll discover at these Saturday events that are sponsored by the City of Burien!

WHEN: Saturdays 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. :

  • Aug. 4: Birding & Plant Nerding
    -Dissect owl pellets, view bird skins, play identification games and take guided bird and plant walks to see and hear our local treasures
  • Aug. 11: Beach Walking & Trash Talking
    -View low-tide critters on guided beach walks and learn how to help them, make eco-art out of disposable products and engineer some items from plastic
  • Aug. 18: Who & What’s In Our Water?
    -Dip in the stream for macroinvertebrates (large insects) and learn what they can tell us about its health
  • Aug. 25: Small Critters & The Big Picture
    -Explore plankton via tv screen and microscopes to learn what animals some become, how they affect us and the effects of climate change

ESC is at the north end of Seahurst Park on the gravel path, past the restrooms; 2220 SW Seahurst Park Road Burien, WA 98166

For more details and to register or volunteer please visit:

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