UPDATE: Burien shooting was NOT caused by a drive-by Sunday night

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UPDATE Aug. 6, 2018: After further investigation that revealed inconsistencies in all the victim’s stories, the King County Sheriff’s Office has determined that Sunday night’s alleged drive-by shooting was anything but.

Police say that the true cause of the shooting was that one of the three male victims accidentally fired a shot striking all three of the victim’s legs while seated in the back seat of a vehicle.

As we originally reported – based on information provided by KCSO – on Sunday night (Aug. 5) at 8:21 p.m., three males (aged 19, 20, and 21) claimed that they were walking in the 14600 block of 1st Ave SW and were shot at by suspects in a white car that fled the area.

After hours of investigation, police determined that the victims were not actually shot as they had initially reported. Turns out, they later admitted that all three of them were driving in Burien, and one was playing around with a handgun in the back seat. One of the males accidently fired the handgun, striking all three of the male’s legs while seated in the rear of the car. The occupants of the car panicked and drove to a nearby Doctor’s Office that was closed. One of the doors to the doctor’s office was left unsecured and the males got inside where they called 911. It is unknown exactly where the incident actually took place, but Deputies continue to investigate.

All males are expected to make a full recovery.

The case will be turned over to Detectives for review.

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