Suz Muse: Surprises

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By Suzanne Greive

I was too tired to make dinner so my husband and I decided to stroll down the street in Burien and see where we ended up. Our first stop was too packed and we were too hungry to wait so we ducked out and bumped into another person doing the same thing. She asked where we were going and since it was a Tuesday, I told her I couldn’t decide between Smarty Pants half off Troublemaker sandwiches or Black Zia $1.50 tacos. She said she wanted to get tacos, so off we all went together. We had a nice chat on the way and ended up sharing dinner and playing pool. When I stepped out the door I wasn’t expecting to be sharing a meal, playing pool and making a new friend. This ended up being an unexpected and happy surprise to our evening.

I especially love surprises when I’m on vacation. The highlight of my trip is almost always an unexpected surprise.

While we were in Texas we took a wrong turn and ended up at a back road gas station/diner where we met the most interesting guys that were taking a lunch break from filming a wildlife/hunting special. They were all decked out in the latest hunting attire which must have been gifted by sponsors from the look of it. They told us all about where they hunt, what they hunt for and how they film. It was a fascinating encounter and a total surprise.

When we were in Scotland we took a wrong turn and ended up at a nearly deserted castle. It was used in some of the scenes in the series Outlander which we both love. We explored around and it was a super awesome and unexpected surprise.

Leaving Bar Harbor, Maine to drive to Connecticut we ended up in a small coastal town in Massachusetts and stopped at a pub out on the end of a dock. My sister and I were giddy with joy about getting out of the car and at having found such a cool spot, that when I got out of the car I just walked straight for the entrance. My sister had to say “Hey! You plan on shutting the car door there, do ya?” which I found totally hilarious and when we entered the bar we were howling with sister laughter. There were three retired sea captains sitting at the bar. They were the quintessential captains with overalls, white hair and beards. They were intrigued by our behavior and sparked up a conversation with us. These guys were delightfully charming. They are all really proud of their gardens and were bragging about how many quarts of rutabagas they put up this year and who had the best pickled beets recipe. We asked them where we should pick up some road tripping food after our pint and they told us about an old wood floored deli with barrels of dry goods, fruit and a meat and cheese counter. They knew down to a science which apple went with which cheese and which crackers went with which cured meats and what type of wine pairs perfectly with it all. They also said (which I was proud to hear) that the best cheese was Cougar Gold from Washington State but it wasn’t available at that time of year. My husband is a Cougar so we were happy to hear that 3,000 miles away they acknowledged our cheese. We got what they suggested and it was awesome. My sister and I were so happy with our loot that we sat on the hotel bed eating crackers, cheese, fruit, meats and drinking wine out of hotel cups. It still is one of my fondest memories of that trip. Those captains and their stories were a great surprise.

Be open to surprises and I’ll bet you start recognizing them as the highlight of your world too…

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