UPDATE: ‘Pardon or Dinner?’ Turkey Food Drive favoring saving turkeys by 169%

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UPDATE: As we previously reported, Normandy Park residents Candace and Tay Krull have been holding a ‘Pardon or Eat’ food fundraiser campaign, and the latest tally favors pardoning their pet turkeys (vs ‘gobbling them’) by a 169% difference:

  • PARDON: 636
  • DINNER: 236

Food donations so far (“votes”): 872

All donated food will be given to the Seattle Union Gospel Mission.

“We have had SO many people stopping and donating! It’s amazing!” Candace Krull told The B-Town Blog. “We have collected over 800 donations! AND it gets even better – we had a gentleman knock on our door and ask what it would take to be able to have our turkeys – he wants to take them to an animal sanctuary in Bellingham. I didn’t know what to say! After sleeping on it, we agree upon him matching however many donations we get. So we’re trying to get as many cans of food as possible!”

The Krull’s will continue their unusual Food Drive outside their home (located at SW 200th St & 3rd Ave SW in Normandy Park) through next weekend, so be sure to stop by and “vote” with your non-perishable food donations.

KING5 did a video about the fundraiser:

Some highlights:

  • An Anonymous donor has doubled the amount of donations, bringing the total nearing 2,000 donations! Donor will be taking the turkeys to live out their lives on an animal reserve in Bellingham, leaving on the 20th, we’ll have the turkeys out til then.
  • Seattle Union Gospel scheduled to pick-up the food from us on Nov 26th, so still plenty of time for people to donate.
  • Normandy Park Mayor has scheduled a pardoning ceremony for this Saturday (Nov 17th) at 11am….That is IF the winning vote is to Pardon!!
  • Ceremony will be at our house 200th and 3rd Ave SW, (our house is across the street from MarVista Park)
  • We’ve now done 2 TV interviews, the one that aired tonight on the 11o’clock news and then the other interview will be on Take5 later this week
  • MarVista Elementary School’s Principal Pointer said they would have a student voting/food donations this week

The Krulls are still getting a lot of people stopping in from all over the place, and remind everyone that it will continue through next weekend.

“I spoke with one family that was down this weekend visiting family and they were told they HAD to visit the turkeys,” Candace added. “The word is definitely getting out! Someone was telling my relative in Puyallup that there was a place in Normandy Park that you can go and visit turkeys and vote to pardon them or not. The person telling the story had no clue that we were related.”

While it may look like this is all fun and games, there is actually some family-related stress involved.

“My younger son Daniel keeps asking if we’re still going to eat Tom,” Candace said. “He is very concerned that we might not be able to have a turkey to eat on Thanksgiving. Talking of eating the turkeys really bothers my older son Ray, so now Daniel comes and whispers in my ear ‘we’re still eating Tom, right?!’ or ‘just you and I could wake up in the night and eat Tom for a midnight snack!’ HAHA! The kid really wants to eat some turkeys! :)”

To donate by vote, please bring non-perishable food donations to the Krull house at SW 200th St & 3rd Ave SW:

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