LETTER: KI7LTQ Joe responds to our recent story about a thunderstorm

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The B-Town Blog nor its staff:]

This is a response to VIDEO/PHOTO: Did you see/hear the thunderstorm on Tuesday night?

I live in SW Burien, the Gregory Heights region, and although there were no strikes here, the vista from this point was very impressive. As an Amateur Radio Operator, I had concern for my equipment that we use for emergency support, so I was outside grounding the feed lines. Although the power outage did not affect me and I understand the hardships of those who lost power, there was a blessing in disguise. Background electrical noise can destroy the emergency communication abilities. The frequency we use is usually worthless because of the noise, and I had dismissed it to Medical or Airport as the source. Not so, I discovered when the power went out. Virtually all background emissions ceased and the frequency was clear as a desert night sky. I wondered where all the noise was coming from. When power was restored the obfuscating noise returned. I now suspect a noisy power line transformer or lighting systems that do not meet FCC emission regulations (read cheap import florescent lighting units or grow light arrays for plants.) I have started the process of detecting the exact location of the illegal emissions to have them eradicated as it affects emergency communications. Noisy line transformers can be replaced by the power company. Illegal import lighting and noisy grow lights can be confiscated by the FCC (An agency that requires no search warrants). Nobody really wants that, but you can help. Take a cheapo AM portable radio, turn it on in between stations and walk about your home/property near lighting units. If it buzzes, then you have found a culprit and should probably replace the light with a FCC approved unit.) There is a label on light units that declare this. But be aware, many cheap florescent light units, from the “Large Box Stores” especially from China has fake FCC stickers! The FCC has a mission to remove these from the public. You may even notice many of your cell phone and internet problems will disappear as well.

– KI7LTQ Joe

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