Court order violation results in major police activity in Olde Burien Mon. night

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If you saw a large police turnout in/near Olde Burien on Monday night, Dec. 3, around 10:30 p.m. or so, it was due to a domestic violence court order violation.

The King County Sheriff’s Office says that deputies were trying to deliver the order, but the suspect escaped on foot.

Police then did a major search – including a K9 track – but the suspect was not located. Several cruisers were seen in areas around Olde Burien, including SW 152nd Street, 153rd, 154th, 156th and Ambaum Blvd. SW.

Officers also instructed neighbors and businesses to lock down and stay inside for safety, and that the suspect was considered dangerous.

The suspect – who is known – will be charged with violation of a protection order, police said.

One resident said:

“Crazy police presence on 154th and 8th Ave right now. Dogs, police on foot, and cars everywhere. Police just instructed everyone to get indoors.”

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