LETTER: ‘Mary’s Place – why the City Council needs to approve this project!’

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The B-Town Blog nor its staff:]

Honorable CC Tosta, CC Olguin and Mayor Matta,

Mary’s Place – Why the Burien City Council Needs to Approve This Project!

Mary’s Place,
Your YES votes are NEEDED and really important to maintain the affordable housing and an ethnically and economically diverse Burien.

Affordable Housing,
Mary’s Place represents a rare to nonexistent opportunity to add affordable housing to Burien. Gentrification will continue and only YOU have the power NOW to set a side a large block of real estate to develop into affordable housing. Only you make this happen, please don’t squander this opportunity!

The Movement Against Mary’s Place,
Is Red Lining, plain and simple. What needs to happen is Mary’s Place needs to be approved and the adjoining community needs to negotiate and compromise. Ten years from now, you will look back on this as one of your best achievements. This is about principles not personalities; Burien needs this and you can make a difference to several hundred families and insure the unique character of our community for years to come.

Nancy Tosta and Pedro Olguin,
I am told you both plan to vote to oppose Mary’s Place, THIS IS WRONG, not just the wrong decision it is morally wrong. We need fewer families couch surfing, living in cars, vans, motor homes AND fewer homeless students in our schools. You were elected to represent the People of Burien. This is about, Housing being a Human Right about Burien remaining a diverse community – as it is now.

Burien is in the midst of a housing crisis, we need more affordable housing. If you vote, ‘No’ on this you will lose the confidence of many who voted for you. This is a make or break moment, please stand with the citizens of Burien who voted you into office.

The Master Plan,
These are guidelines not laws. The writers of the MP never foresaw the homelessness and housing crisis we now face, this is why we have elected positions to provide leadership in times of uncertainty. It is up to you to make a difference, this is a rare opportunity to increase the amount of, much needed, affordable housing stock in Burien. Fox Cove is not unique it is a trend, as long as the economy is expanding market forces will make housing LESS affordable. Only good government can change this dynamic.

A vote for Mary’s Place is a vote for a better Burien.

David Feinberg
Proud and Concerned Citizen of Burien

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