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DAL Law Firm: Benefits of a Revocable Living Trust

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From Advertiser DAL Law Firm:

Benefits of a Revocable Living Trust

Do you ever worry about how your children will manage their inheritance? We all love our children, but there can sometimes be a child who is unable to manage his or her finances, and leaving that person a large inheritance could be a disaster. One solution that allows you to still exert some control over your money after you have passed is a revocable living trust.

Some benefits include:

  1. Avoidance of probate: avoiding probate is considered to be one of the primary benefits of a revocable trust. You would transfer assets into your trust name therefore avoiding probate altogether. Also when you avoid probate, you can minimize the time it would take to settle your estate.
  2. Changeable and Flexible: if you want to make changes to your trust at any time, you have the option to do so.
  3. Greater control when leaving assets to a minor child or someone who may have trouble managing money.

Many people now choose a revocable living trust instead of relying on a will or joint ownership in their estate planning. A revocable living trust that has been properly prepared and funded with your assets can provide many benefits for you and your loved ones. A comprehensive, customized revocable trust has many advantages because it can accomplish anything and everything a will can, plus any other objectives you may have..

While an attorney is not required, an experienced estate planning attorney can help you make the right decisions. Here at DAL Law Firm, attorney Darcel Lobo will be able to sit down with you and discuss if a Revocable Living Trust is right for you.

If you are considering a Revocable Living Trust or have questions about a Revocable Living Trust please give us a call today at (206) 408-8158, or email our office at [email protected]. We look forward to being able to assist you with your estate planning needs.


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