Large police response Friday for drug & child endangerment crime warrants

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On Friday afternoon, Feb. 1, the King County Sheriff’s Office and SeaTac Police served search warrants on two houses in SeaTac for drug and child endangerment crimes.

Eyewitnesses told The B-Town Blog that there was a very large police response – up to 40 or so cops – around the area of S. 142nd & 26th Place (map below).

Two large explosions were heard (likely ‘flash bangs’) and there have been numerous undercover law enforcement operations going on for the last two weeks.

“We’ve had multiple police on our street every day,” one witness said. “Normally we see one in a month or less.”

Multiple arrests were made.

SeaTac Police Chief Jon Mattsen said this was for a SWAT execution of two search warrants for houses off of South 142nd:

“These two houses were substantially connected through observation and surveillance over the last several weeks. Search warrants were obtained for narcotics and to look for signs and indications of Child Endangerment due to the young grade school child living at one of the houses (she was in school at the time of the warrant service).

“Once the warrants were executed for both residences, 27 people were contacted in the two houses. Yes, 27! 19 in one house and 8 in the other. Today’s warrants yielded 7 misdemeanor warrants, 3 felony warrants, 3 narcotic offenses, 2 firearm offenses and 1 DV no contact order. 1 firearm, various illegal pills and methamphetamines were recovered. In total 12 people went to various jails. One of the houses was closed down by Code Enforcement and two children were removed by CPS.

“This is a fantastic outcome of today’s activities and the hope is that for these two houses to be permanently closed down to these individuals staying there, who were using these houses as “flop” residences and creating nothing but havoc in the neighborhood.

“It was clear that for both residences, neighbors came from up and down the streets and in the neighborhood thanking all of us out there for handling these problems. They seemed very appreciative.

“Shout out goes to Code Enforcement on this one. They were able to successfully close down and post “Do Not Occupy” on one of the two houses, and worked hard on trying to get this for the second. With their valuable assistance, we were able to get the homeowner on board with allowing us to enforce trespass laws if the house is occupied again over the next several days without the City’s permission. THANK YOU! This was truly a “City” effort.”

As we gather more information, we’ll update this post (refresh browser to see latest news…).

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