Armed suspect barricades self in White Center Subway restaurant Monday

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On Monday, Feb. 4, at 4:15 p.m., King County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to a domestic violence disturbance near the 10400 block of 16th Ave SW in White Center (map below), where they encountered a 29-year old male suspect who had vandalized a car and then ran into the Subway restaurant that was nearby.

When Deputies arrived on scene, the victim directed them to a nearby Subway restaurant.

Deputies approached the suspect inside Subway and he produced a knife. Both Deputies deployed their tasers, but it had no effect on the suspect. Instead the suspect charged at one of the Deputies with the knife, then turned towards the occupants of the Subway, at which point the Deputy fired a shot at the suspect, fearing for everyone’s safety. The shot missed the suspect, and he retreated into the Subway kitchen and barricaded himself. The employees and customers were able to exit the store.

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