Due to weather, Bloodworks Northwest’s blood inventory is at emergency levels

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Due to snow and icy roads, Bloodworks Northwest has lost 1,500 donations in the last 3 days, and its blood inventory is currently at emergency levels — less than a one-day supply.

Donors are urged to make an appointment as soon as possible before the second winter storm hits.

“Snow and icy road conditions on Monday caused the cancellation of hundreds of appointments at our donor centers and prevented mobile drives when severe road conditions stranded people at home,” said Dr. James P. AuBuchon, MD, president and CEO of Bloodworks Northwest. “We’re urging folks to make an appointment as soon as possible to help get our inventory back to normal levels.”

On average, it takes about 900 donors per day to maintain a healthy supply for local patients. Donors can go to any one of 12 centers, or give blood at mobile drives at schools, workplaces or community halls. Donating a pint of blood is simple to do and takes less than an hour.

Frequently asked questions are posted on the Bloodworks website.

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