Here’s the City of Burien’s snow route plan & map

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With a major snowstorm (or 2) imminent, it might be helpful to know what the City of Burien’s plan is for snow removal.

Here’s a map and more information from the city’s website:

When it snows, City plows will concentrate their efforts on primary snow removal routes first to accommodate fire, medical and police response, as well as Metro transit, school buses and commuter traffic. As long as it continues to snow, these primary routes will be plowed.

Once the snow has stopped and all primary roads are clear, plows will move to secondary snow removal routes, and once those are clear, neighborhood streets will be plowed.

If it starts snowing again, the process of clearing main roads will start over.

Please keep in mind that, during a heavy, continuous snowstorm, it may take several days before all city streets are cleared.

Property Owner Responsibilities
Burien homeowners and business/property owners are responsible for clearing snow and ice off driveways and sidewalks near their property, including the ridge of snow left along the edge of driveways by the snow plow.

If snow is removed from your property, make sure the snow is not placed in the right-of-way.

Right-of-way and catch basins must also be kept clear to accommodate melting snow and to avoid pooling water.

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