UPDATE: City of Burien releases weather, road update

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A weather-related update from the City of Burien, as of Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 12, 2019:

We are getting reports of cars getting stuck in intersections and on roads. If you don’t need to drive, please don’t! If you get stuck, try to move your car out of the road, or call a tow truck.

Our road crews are now able to start coming to residential streets. They will work again through the night tonight. The temperatures will likely remain in the low 30s through the night, however, melting snow is causing a new problem–flooding!

On Thursday, temperatures may drop into the teens, which means all the water we see on the streets now will turn to ice.

You can help by making sure your storm drains are clear of snow and debris. This will help us prevent urban flooding. #wasnow #buriensnowday

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