‘New Black Panther Party’ letter was a hoax, Burien Police say

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A letter distributed to several downtown Burien Businesses last month purporting to be from the New Black Panther Party was determined to be a hoax, police said Thursday, Feb. 28.

Burien Police responded to reports of the letters appearing in late January and, working with King County Sheriff’s Office detectives, investigated the possible origins of the letter.

Detectives determined it did not come from the New Black Panther Party, though the actual source remains unknown.

“Although concerning, the statements contained in the letter are considered free speech and therefore do not violate the law,” Burien Police Chief Ted Boe said.

Burien City Manager Brian Wilson added:

“While what was contained in this letter is protected by free speech, the sentiments expressed in the letter do not represent the Burien community, where residents and community leaders value and celebrate Burien’s diversity.”

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